Anyone handy with the new API available to advise on how to update a simple widget?

I really liked this review widget for Übersicht on MacOS and it did a good job of keeping my review count in sight throughout the day, but unfortunately it broke when the new API went into effect. I’ve tried contacting the author both on the boards here and on GitHub but there hasn’t been a response.

Would anyone smarter than I (not hard to manage, heh) be willing to either take a look or offer any advice on how to take the code from GitHub and update it for the new API? It doesn’t seem that complex, but coding is definitely not my wheelhouse so I’ve been fumbling in the dark without success.

Grateful for any advice or assistance! :pray:


This is a starting point…

So, in, update the ‘curl’ command with the right apiv2 url, and follow the pattern in my linked post to pass the api key.

I’m just posting this info in passing, so there’s still some info to figure out, I’m sure.


Thank you, that seems like a good starting point, though you’re correct in that something further is needed. I’m quickly realizing that I’m way out of my depth here. Might have to put this up on fiverr or something. :sweat_smile: