WaniKani Notifier by kaerigan Question


I’ve been using this extension for a while, but I noticed that now it implements a API so even if i’m not logged in I can see what’s up.  [edit: which i love btw :D]

But I don’t want to see the real number of reviews. Would it be possible to have the option where it mearly shows like a “!” in pink or something? or back to the 42! ? For me, the more I see bigger numbers it mind fluffs me and I tend to procrastinate more, so I’d be lovely if this option could return, or be added or however its done :smiley:

thanks for the thought if you see this Kaerigan


ironically the notifier (for which I didn’t know it was already API ready, because I wasn’t using it, because it was useless due to always having 42+ reviews) now shows  -> !
And an error:
Error: You must set the API key in the options page for this extension to work.

(for some reason the API doesn’t save)


Yeah, sure, I can add that, kanjilover.

Phantomeye: that is very odd. I created a new Chrome profile (blank slate basically) and installed the extension. The API key saved. Try reinstalling it, perhaps? If that does not work I really don’t know what might be wrong :confused:

Kaerigan said... Yeah, sure, I can add that, kanjilover.

 <3 <3 Thank You! <3 <3 

I just don't know why seeing the number messes with me !


Haha humans are fickle things.  If I see a big number I’m like ‘oh ship i need to do some reviews’.  I HATE the 42+ thingy…it tells me nothing of how i should schedule around it.  Do I play another game of League? Do I do some work? Do I go to bed? how many items are coming tomorrow?