Recent Api Information Page Changes

One quick question, if @viet or another staff member could answer when they have moment.

I just noticed IDs in the api - which I don’t recall ever seeing before since we’ve been matching on a combination of character & meaning (but the most recent content update has character changes :grimacing:).

Can you confirm the IDs will remain in the api? if so… :cake: all round.

Secondly, a possible mistake in the vocabulary response:

      "id": 41,
      "level": 1,
      "character": "ふじ山",
      "kana": "ふじさん",
      "meaning": "mt fuji, mount fuji, mt. fuji",
      "percentage_correct": 92,
      "user_specific": {
        "srs": "burned",
        "srs_numeric": 9,

It would appear that percentage_correct is actually user_specific as opposed to the other general info at the root level. Assuming it’s a serializer typo :stuck_out_tongue:

Thirdly, the APi updates have been great.
Kudos* to you!

[edit: I just realized you said “remain in the api”. I was answering “will remain the same”. So, no… :slightly_smiling_face: ]

I think this is a ‘yes’. They’re the same IDs that the system has always used internally for reviews. For example, [] takes you to ふじ山.

Also, if you do half of an item review (e.g. meaning only) for ふじ山, you’ll find a “v41” item in $.jStorage marking your progress on that item in the session.

Those keys aren’t suppose to be included. We are issuing a hotfix at this moment.

However, we are already planning on adding ID keys with the new API. We are going to decouple static information (the content) and user specific information. You’ll need the IDs to make associations.

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So long as there are IDs for consistent matching :smiley:

I should have mentioned, I just happened to notice these on the API information page.
They’re not in the actual response at the moment.

[edit: I’ll hold off on any more questions/speculation until there’s an actual announcement :blush: I thought there might have been a silent update for a moment there]

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