Cant find old layout


I used to be able to see every kanji on one scree. It was very helpful for reviewing and testing myself.

I cant seem to find it in the new page. Only the large kanji icons by level. There used to be a single page with small icons for every kanji. You could also do it for radicals and vocabulary. Is that page still available somewhere?

thank you

The pages still exist, you just have to know the URLs:

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perfect thanks so much!

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I personally prefer the version on rfindley’s stats website, as you can sort everything according to how you want.
Just use None, None for the first two sections, enter your sorting method for the next two categories, and select which things your want to include in the list.


I made a script which puts the links back into the menus, for ease of access


wow thanks everyone these are all great!

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@rfindley’s presentation is very nice. We’re hoping to spruce our own up (which is part of the reason we took down the buttons in the first place).


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