Anyone else get really frustrated by the wait times between lessons?

LOL I apologize, o great master of many lessons

Good luck with working through them!

You read the FAQ, right? Right? :slight_smile:

which extension? O:
i need to know for scientific research

Well if it’s for science then I have to tell you immediately

I use these (descriptions copied from here):

  1. WaniKani Override by ruipgpinheiro: Adds an “ignore” button that allows you to mark answers you got wrong as correct.

  2. WaniKani Reorder Ultimate by xMunch: order your lessons and reviews by level or type of item (radicals/kanji/vocab) in whatever order you wish. very customizable.

  3. WaniKani Mistake Delay by ruipgpinheiro: After you get an answer wrong, pressing “enter” will not move onto the next review for one second. Prevents skipping to the next item because you automatically pressed enter twice.

  4. WaniKani Ultimate Timeline by rfindley: a review timeline that shows you when your reviews are coming and what items will be in that review, plus lots more other features.

Use them with caution lol


oo thank you science will prevail due to your heroic efforts

(but seriously, you saved my life, friend)

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I’m always glad to help science!

(I hope it’ll help! For me the timeline and reorder one are indispensible)

A bit off-topic but why do people like the reorder script so much? I just take things as they come.

@DamirH, the reorder script is helpful if you have a very long list of reviews and wish to organise them. There can be a sense of accomplishment from completing one level at a time.

Until a couple of weeks ago, the lessons were not ordered. i liked to complete my vocabulary items first so that I could reinforce the kanji i just guru’ed.

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I got overwhelmed at level 33 and took a 2 month break. I just came back and reset to level 15.

At the higher levels at lot more kanji that look like other kanji come up, and if you haven’t learned well your daily review pile will be over 200 easily.

Moral of the story - learn your kanji well, take it slow, don’t do just wanikani. Pick up a grammar book, do listening exercises, use duolingo, take a class etc. Wanikani by itself will not teach you Japanese so you need to be doing other stuff as well.

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To add to this, there’s WaniKani Improve which eliminates the need for WaniKani Mistake Delay. It will automatically move forward to the next item if answered correctly. It has a bunch of other Improvements as well.


I like reordering the levels from lowest to highest (for lessons and reviews)

reordering to complete kanji first means you can level up without actually doing every review because you can skill the mass amounts of vocabulary.

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I see no benefit in skipping the vocab. It will only give you problems later on. Also, although WK main focus might be learning the Kanji, we should not forget that the vocab is also valuable.

I’m leveling up every 7 to 7 and half days and I have 0 lessons to do right now and 83 apprentice items. If one is organized, there won’t be any problems with doing vocab.

No one is saying to skip the vocab indefinitely. But if it’s time for you to review 6 radicals needed to stay on track for the minimum level up time, but you have 200 total reviews built up… Why force yourself to do them in random order? I still end up doing all 200, the radicals just get done first to get them out of the way.


Agreed with @Leebo - it’s about the most efficient order, not about skipping anything. In practice, I can’t leave reviews undone for long, so I usually end up doing them in a single block, or possibly two, maybe three shortly spaced sessions if there is a lot and it’s not convenient to do them all.

However, I do want to review in the order of radical-kanji-vocab, if there are items that are gating lessons and level progression.

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