Anyone else get really frustrated by the wait times between lessons?

Isn’t this in the FAQ somewhere? If not it really should be.

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It’s normal to be confused on the initial levels, but don’t worry things will speed up from level 5 onwards and you’ll wish the opposite. Level 1 and 2 can be done in 3 1/2 days if I’m correct, and when you start having kanjis in the mix, things will add up quickly. Load will increase a lot from level 5, for me worst levels were level 8, 9 and level 11. I stopped wanikani twice around those levels, I’m pretty sure a lot of people give up at that point too. I think what helps is really understanding how the SRS works instead of always guessing why such and such items comes back and when. At the moment I do 350-500 reviews a day, it’s tough and I can’t skip a single day otherwise the load is too high, but I’m making good progress.

My advice is to read the official and unofficial FAQ (they are not updated but most info is helpful and relevant, just some details on level times and number of levels are slightly different now), understand the SRS level, install the Timeline plugin, check the Wanikani Stats to visualise your progress and make sure you do your reviews everyday. Some people take it slow, other try to reach levels as fast as possible, this is up to you but I think it helps to be clear in your mind how you want to tackle the Wanikani monster.

For me, my biggest motivator is to see progress weekly by reaching a new level every 7 days (minimum time is 6 days 20h) and hopefully reach level 60 by october. Without this goal, I would not push through.

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Just wait until you starting waking up to 185-item reviews

Good news, you’re close to the full routine. Depend on your pace you probably only have to worry about master/enlightened coming in on top of your other reviews. The only way for it to get overwhelming at that point is to accumulate leeches, stack up lessons, or do 4 day levels when they come up.

I can’t speak for the higher levels, but I’ve browsed the kanji through level 30 and they aren’t really any harder than what I’m covering now. Sometimes I’ll get confused and mix them up, but that’s more of an issue with my attentiveness and study habits than anything else. If you’re holding on at level 10 you should be just fine moving forward.

Edit: Seriously, the 5-10 hurdle was harder than what I’m doing now. Once you get used to kanji with more than five strokes it really isn’t that bad.

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beginning sucks hard. but right now i have way too many lessons to work on.

Don’t worry, once you misuse certain extensions the way I did for 5 levels, you’ll have 350 lessons and 400 reviews too

(So in short, I’ve learned the most important lesson lolol)

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casually looks over at angrily burning pile of lessons outstanding



Do I get frustrated by wait times between lessons and reviews?
Do I get frustrated when I wait 6 hours for my next review and there’s only one question…?

It was previously mentioned, but you probably want this: [Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline

I personally disabled the “Review Details” option (to hide the kanji themselves to avoid trying to read them before the SRS period), but even without that, being able to anticipate how much is coming up and when makes it way, way easier to plan my review schedule each day.

No, but I do get really frustrated by people who complain about things that have already been answered in the FAQ/about section that they didn’t read, in addition to about 377 similar forum posts that OP a) didn’t decide it was worth searching to see if anyone had the same question, and b) ignored the “similar threads” that pop up when making the title.


Just do grammar and vocab in between if you really want to study japanese im currently near the end of genki 2. p.s don’t really on wanikani for vocab.

350 lessons?


Currently at 580 lessons… I’m gonna be at level 16 for a while.

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The short answer is no. The long answer was already provided by others

I made it to level 19 or 20 by focusing just on kanji but not so much on vocabulary . . . big mistake. Once you get higher levels you will beg for time between reviews - as opposed to having a 1700 review queue to tackle on a constant basis.

  • This was my life for a very long time and eventually caused me to stop doing reviews . .

I recently just reset myself to lv1 - yes lv1 - I did this to reset my review queue. I’m taking a much more methodical approach to “mastering” this course.

I’ve ordered my lesson by VOCABULARY - RADICALS - KANJI [ there are MORE VOCABULARY TO LEARN THAN KANJI, and I feel the vocabulary are more practical as they reinforce 3 things: 1: Meaning,2:Reading,3 Communicative Use. This is actually the complete reverse of how I first approached wanikani - I was greedy and wanted as many as I could get under my belt asap - This wont work long-term.

I’ve also set my LessonBatchSize: 3 [ smallest value available ]

  • In combination with the ordering VOCABULARY - RADICALS - KANJI
  • I am Guru/mastering my vocabulary and radicals for my current level before I do lessons for any new kanji
  • My goal here is to have 0 Apprentice Items and 100 or Less Guru Items

Currently at LV2 - I have Guru’d all the level 1 vocabulary unlocked at lv2.

Again if I get anything into the “Apprentice” queue I unlock 0000 new items until it is empty before I touch anything else.

When my levels were much higher, I was finding it so hard to get through reviews that by the time I got to the an apprentice item it had been so long - because of wading through reviews - that I still was unable to remember how to read item [ there seem to be many"exception" readings ]

I know this may kind of come across as off topic - but the point is - you’re lv 1 so 1 set of items spanning 7 hours seems long, but once you start layering 20-30 levels across 7 hours you will have NON ENDING amounts of work to complete.

Good Luck

Everyone who started had the same feeling as you. It picks up very fast and starts to zoom at level 5


Enjoy it. Once WK really gets started you’ll sometimes wish you had less reviews :wink: (take a look at some of the “burnout posts” around here.)

Dude (m/v) I’m just level 2 and already not keeping up with my daily lessons. Busy life I suppose! Plus, the on’yomi vs kun’yomi is not easily committing to my mind for some reason, it’s annoying, I’m keeping notes :sweat_smile:

This. One hundred times this. Once the ball starts rolling, it doesn’t stop rolling. It becomes a snowball…and just gets bigger and bigger. I sometimes wish I only had a few reviews and lessons ha ha.

I’ve been at 40 for almost a month now, just so I can blast through the 250 reviews that I had stacked up.

TLDR; It can get crazy at higher levels, so you’ll never feel bored. :wink:

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Currently I’m having 150 to 180 reviews per day at level 7 with a 90+% accuracy.

You’ll get more reviews, don’t worry :slight_smile: