Any Websites like Bunpro that Test for Comprehension?

I don’t mind paying for a good web site.

My frustration with Bunpro (and it’s sort of a deal breaker) is I honestly don’t understand what they’re trying to get at half the time, in the reviews. I know the grammar, but I don’t realise in the moment that the grammar I know is what they’re hoping I type in, not from the way they describe and hint at it.

So I’m hoping for something sort of the opposite: a site that gives me a sentence in Japanese, and then some multiple choice English equivalents, so I can prove I understand. That I can do!

If not, I can always read wild Japanese and see if Google Translate agrees with my understanding … but that way I can’t specifically learn a grammatical structure and then test myself for it. I do like the way the grammar I’ve ticked pops up randomly in reviews in Bunpro (well, not randomly, but you know what I mean), I just am very much over guessing what they want to see from me.

Thanks so much! Fingers crossed.

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That was my biggest problem with bunpro as well, it did work until N3, but N2 and N1 was hell and I dropped

Not even complaining and seeking assistance about it in the forum solved my situation, the other users there all say the answer is “nuance” almost all the time. “nuance is the answer to differentiate every grammar point”

I was about to do a chabudai flip after reading that every time :rofl:

And still looking for a website just like you are.


This sounds like reading with extra steps?

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I’ll just give the same response I gave here

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I was going to make a joke about not comprehending the questions bunpro is asking but I see you got there before me.

Got to translate the them into some sort of intermodal linguistic abstract then pick which of the dozens of Japanese grammar points it’s currently quizzing you on is the best fit.