Any bunpro alternatives?

I’ve been using bunpro for a while now but the free trial has expired and I’m left without a way to practice my gramamr now! I know you can still read the grammar and check out sentences… But I’m missing the feedback…
Do you know any alternatives that teach you grammar in a smiliar way?

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I’m honestly not exactly sure how bunpro works, but for something that offers feedback, maybe try an app called Coban. I have it on my phone, but I haven’t actually used it all that much. I probably will at some point but I’ve just been busy with other stuff. Still though, I know it offers feedback and grammar lessons. From what little I’ve tried I think it seems promising

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I honestly don’t know the answer to your question. There may be something out there, but I have not looked myself, so I just don’t know.

This is just a vote of confidence in BunPro, from a customer with a lifetime subscription, and who chose to get the lifetime subscription despite being on a very low budget. I have been using it for almost as long as WaniKani, so probably close to 3 years now.

I’m very satisfied with it, especially since I got the lifetime subscription, which means I no longer have to worry about paying monthly or yearly for it. Since I’ve joined, they’ve done a lot of development work on it, including a lot of work adding and improving their grammar points. Also, a lot of work in terms of ‘integrating’ BunPro’s system with existing grammar resources – like several grammar/Japanese textbooks, and also sites like Tae Kim’s – so that it works like a companion tool to these other resources.

Anyway, not to derail your thread (sorry! :sweat_smile:), as it’s perfectly valid to look for alternatives! Just wanted to give some additional background info from a satisfied BunPro customer. I know BunPro isn’t perfect, and certainly isn’t perfect for everyone, but it is IMHO a very well-developed and well-maintained app, and IMHO the price is very reasonable as far as I can tell.

However, if anyone does know of alternatives to BunPro, I would also be interested. First of all, just for comparison purposes. Second, it might have features/stuff that BunPro lacks. And lastly, because I’m a big fan of market competition to drive innovation, so it’s always good to see alternatives to something.


Ah! Almost forgot. The one universal alternative to any paid SRS system would be to use Anki itself to either cook up your own deck of cards or there may be existing user-made decks for grammar out there. But I haven’t used Anki since starting up with WaniKani, so I don’t know if there are any such grammar decks out there.


Make an Nwhatever-number-you’re-studying-deck on anki, or physical flashcards. I use bunpro just as reinforcement to grammar I’ve learned, so if you do that you can also just start searching for grammar exercises to do every one in a while

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I’m not sure, but there might be some JLPT sentence decks floating around. I remember seeing one on Kitsun that was pretty beefy.

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I posted this deck on as an alternative to what I was not getting from BunPro based on JLPT Sensei resource. I think BP is a superior resource for N5-4 and works well with their book paths. But for N3-N1, I couldn’t recommend it in its current state based on my experience.

The main goals of this deck were to:

  1. Exclude English in the SRS question.
  2. Test reading sentence comprehension, again without a reliance on English or dealing with the synonym nightmare that happens with upper level grammar
  3. Have listening comprehension testing within the SRS
  4. Have a gentler ramp up before immediate JP production, something is quite more difficult in the higher N levels I’ve found. There is also a vocab only template where just having grammar recognition as prep for the sentence template
  5. The sentence are akin to WK, so the reading repetition is beneficial rather than have a sentence pass in BP and never see it again

Again, I think it compliment BP as it does a different testing method and there are even hyperlinks to the BP entries. I still use BP for the dictionary and the new reading entries they made. Nothing replaces my grammar dictionaries either for deeper dive grammar questions, I don’t think a single resource does.


Because I prefer to learn from textbooks I don’t have many resources, HOWEVER I suck at conjugation so I use some websites that test you on that:

  • This one lets you decide what kind of conjugation practice you want to do
  • Also this one, again with the ability to practice everything at once
  • This is another one, though you can’t practice everything all at once like the others

Unfortunately the only alternatives to Bunpro I’ve found are not free, and are in fact more expensive than Bunpro. I will say that I was pretty happy with the relatively low price of Bunpro ($5/mo). I feel like it’s a great price for what you get and subscribed for about a year or so until I got into N2 (at which point I decided to switch strategies and get into reading native material).


I am finishing N2 and even wouldn’t continue with bunpro there.

I am also looking for alternatives, N5 to N3 it helped me a lot, but for N2 and (I think N1), it is a mess and its review system doesnt work for more advanced levels such as N2.


I agree. A lot of the “grammar” in the later levels isn’t really grammar, it’s vocabulary that can be easily explained with 1-2 short sentences.

Entered N1 on bunpro yesterday and I’m just skimming everything looking for grammar points with actual substance and skipping everything else.


As grammar gets more specific and nuanced, I’d recommend not relying on srs and doimg reading/listening instead. When I was still learning english but was at a high level, I didn’t really do any textbook stuff and rather read and interacted with people and learned those grammar nuances from that + conversations with teachers I got in contact with

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Okay, I’ll try it out!
The thing that made me download it was the black kitty! It looked pretty professional and the developer was a Japanese professor from the little french I could understand, so let’s see how it goes! :gift_heart:

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I didn’t expect to get such a detailed review of bunpro, but thank you! It’s probably worth it, but since I’m still in high school and can’t really get a job because of the workload, it’s a little pricey right now!
I did enjoy it a lot, especially with the food race about japan that started some time ago… I was adding my reviews, but then my subscription ended…

I know anki is a pretty liked tool in general, but since I don’t respond well to plain flashcards without any feedback and I find it quite boring… it hasn’t worked out for me… I made about 20 cards and didn’t use the app ever again… :sweat_smile:
I should probably try again though… it was a while ago, so who knows, maybe it’ll work out better this time!

Thank you! It helped a lot! :)) :grin:


The app seems awesome, but because it’s such a cool tool, it has a subscription and that’s why asked for bunpro alternatives because I can’t really afford it right now!
But thank you, I’ve never heard of it before, but it seems like it’s definitely worth a try! :blush:

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That’s also good to know! since I didn’t finish lvl5, it’s good to know what’s ahead in that sense! :))))

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Depending on your family situation maybe you can ask for it for christmas (yeah of course in that case it means wait a little) or birthday…
I don’t know if bunpro do a winter sale like wanikani but the yearly sub seems manageable.

Hope you will found a solution.

2 Likes teaches grammar as well as vocab and kanji.

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Already an avid renshuu user! :sunglasses: Gotta flex my high level while I’m at it, and I do like the grammar points and extra explanations but they did not work as well for me as bunpro did! It is great for vocabulary and kanji though!

Thank you! :gift_heart::sparkling_heart:


another thing that starts happening with bunpro are those N2 hints, such as:

“A phrase used when expressing that it is not so that (A) is being said. (A) is not always the case.”

da hell does that even mean?

everytime I see them now I just remember this guy meme :rofl:


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