Any Sort of Reverse Bunpro?

I love WaniKani. The system works great with my own learning stats, so I was hoping Bunpro could be just as useful for grammar. And don’t get me wrong, it is useful. The biggest problem is that unlike WaniKani it starts in English and asks you to fill in the Japanese.

Right now, I’m more interested in the other direction, and I’ve definitely found that my brain won’t always work when putting it in reverse. I’ll see grammar I recognize and have no trouble coming up with when given the English but be unable to think of what it means when I see it used.

Honestly, it doesn’t even necessarily have to be an SRS tool, but I’d like something that went primarily from Japanese to English while still focusing mainly on quizzing you. I’ve always found having to answer questions and getting them marked right or wrong worked a lot better for my retaining the information that just reading a straight lesson.

So are is there anything like that out there? Tests that have me read Japanese and quiz my ability to parse and understand the grammar? Bonus points if it spends time on nuance between similar grammar and explains the difference whenever you get it wrong.


Do you mean you want tests that don’t have the English translation?
JLPT practice tests might work :slight_smile:
Like this one:

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English is fine. It can actually be helpful for explaining nuances of the language I might have trouble understanding if it was all in Japanese.

Ideally what I’m looking for is rather than filling in the blank for a sentence, I’m already given a complete sentence and I’m tested to make sure I understand the grammar in the sentence.

Basically, a system that teaches me while be as close as possible to how I would experience it in real application so that what I learn can be utilized as smoothly as possible when reading Japanese content.


I’m sorry, I’m not sure I’m understanding this correctly.
So you just want a website with Japanese sentences to read, so you can check if you understand them?
If you’re looking for complete sentences I would just suggest buying some native material, like manga or light novels.
There’s also this:
You can always use the complete sentences from Bunpro and make your own Anki deck with them as well :slight_smile:


Maybe I’m not explaining it well. The point is I want a site geared around teaching grammar, but in a way that more directly correlates to real application regarding reading. I want it to teach while quizzing me in the opposite direction from what Bunpro does. An example question from Bunpro:

If we do not hear anything, I will end up going to work.

Then you type in the blank to match the bolded part. I’d prefer to see it something like this:
Which of the following is the best translation:
a. If we do not hear anything, I will end up going to work.
b. I will go into work as soon as I hear something.
c. I must go into work if I’m contacted about it.
d. If I don’t hear anything, that I don’t plan to go into work.

Ideally when answering they would give a brief overview of the important grammar points and explain subtle differences between similar answers and why one is right while the other is not a correct translation. Maybe for grammar that could mean something in a different situation, but wouldn’t be used that way in the given sentence.


I would probably suggest you use a resource targeted toward Japanese learning English because there are a lot more things that so that kind of thing. A friend of mine uses a book that provides the Japanese sentence and requires the learner to translate it into English. Unfortunately, it’s not as robust as what you’re describing in that there’s only one choice of correct answers provided by the book. Also the explanations are all in Japanese. As for the name of that book, I don’t know, but if you’re interested I ask my friend to tell me.

Other than that, the Tofugu sentences are the only thing that I can think of that does this, but they don’t have any answer keys nor do they provide any additional information to clarify the context or anything.


Maybe you should look for JLPT reading comprehension test books.

I don’t think there are many resources that explain every little detail of every possible wrong answer for you (usually because the authors are Japanese natives and cannot explain things about Japanese grammar that well in English). Most resources I’ve seen aren’t that thorough in their explanations. They assume you can figure things out on your own or know someone you can ask for help.

If you have one-off questions about the concrete differences between multiple concrete sentences, I recommend posting your question(s) on

If you want a good grammar reference with a ton of example sentences in both Japanese and English, I highly recommend It does have some explanations comparing the validity of similar grammar patterns.

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The Jalup beginner deck might help you (it’s expensive thought, and they don’t ask you to type anything)

Here’s what it looks like

front of the card :

and the back with explanation

I’m using both Jalup and bunpro and they complement each other well.

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