Grammar guide reccommendations?

I’m just another newbie asking for advice on grammar.At this point in my learning stage,I’m just memorising characters without actually knowing how to form basic sentences,so could anybody reccommend grammar guides/sites etc to help?

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He also made a book copy - seems quite similar

Also, the Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar is a pretty invaluable reference.

Then if you want a grammar SRS there is stuff like Bunpro. Make sure, though, while doing Bunpro to do the additional readings rather than just relying on their example sentences.


Don’t you worry, we hear this question every second day here. But WK without grammar is just a hobby not a language. So were happy to answer.

Edit: A good hobby tho!


Also Maggie Sensei is pretty good if you want more examples for grammar points:


Thumbs up for Misa Sensei… After trying several grammar guides, I found Misa Sensei and now everything just started to fit in for me. I realized that she is doing SRS like thingy in her lessons. For example, even if she taught a conjugation a few lessons before, she repeats again that rule for few seconds. For detailed explanation you can go back to lesson if you want. That way, grammar rules are sticking better for me. Also she is repeating examples twices for allow me shadow her speech, and she gives you enough pauses to pause video and think about answer etc. She is my favorite.

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Yeah, her videos are pretty awesome. Her は vs が video was one of the few that actually made the concept click much better in my head. Tae Kim does mostly a better job than most, but her video made the concept much clearer.

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I’ve used TextFugu for a while. The explanations are easy, stepwise, and builds sentences from basics, in a very logical, block-by-block way. And it’s fun :slight_smile:
It might also help that it’s from the same people that made Wanikani.
I don’t know how much you might already know of the basics, but since you already do Wanikani, I think you can at least start at season 1.6, and learn from Yoda :wink:

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