Any resources to group kanji reading?

I’m looking for a really good way to group reading of the kanji, like as all kanji with all same readings, all exceptional reading, kanji with similar meaning but different reading and so on
Aslo it will be very good to see all the kanji with same reading regarding to wanikani level
Share everything, that you have!

You can directly enter the reading you want into the WK search box in kana, it will give you all the kanji that contain the reading. In jisho you can search for #kanji こう for example for more search results.

If you are interested in kanji that share readings by composition you can use my semantic-phonetic script, but it only gives you a part of kanji with a particular reading.

For similar or opposite meanings you can see synonyms and antonyms (as some rough lists).

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Thx for script, it’s looking helpful
I know that this can be easily found in jisho, but for some reason it’s not very comfortable for me, i am searching for something like all that I need in one place, for now i don’t find anything better than create my own excel document with all this information

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