Any competitive individuals who wanna race me?

I have been using the kotoba quiz bot again on discord as of recently, and as of today I decided to tackle the kanken 1級 decks. There are 447 words in the 漢検1級 deck and 1987 四字熟語 in the 漢検1級四字 deck.

In total that makes 2,434 different kanken 1 questions that you need to know the reading to. I plan just memorizing all of these for fun, but thought it would be cool if someone else would try to race me. We could have something like the first to get a perfect 100/100 on a quiz or something.

I figure chances are slim on here that people would wanna do it, but all I need is one person, so might as well ask! If not, mah, no harm done. I don’t know how big of a time commitment this would be, honestly. Depending on how much kanji from the yoji deck come from the standard deck it might be pretty fast. The 600 items on the j1k decks took me two days, but they were almost entirely words or kanji I was already familiar with. I’ll do some investigating to see how much the overlap is and edit this thread with an anwer.


Sure why not



OK, I will participate as a spectator. How could someone who doesn’t even know what discord is acces that?


First, download discord here or just use it in the browser and make an account

Then, just give me your discord name with the 4 numbers that they’ll give you that come after it and ill invite you to our old gamenight server. There, you can just directly pm the bot and use itt that way or use it in the server. I’ll show you how to use it when you get in.

So I took a rough list of kanji I knew a half year ago + the kanken 1 deck and weighed it against the yoji deck and there were 490 ones that didn’t show up. Here they are
于 亢 仆 佞 佩 佯 佻 俛 俱 倡 倨 倪 倹 偕 傅 儒 兢 兪 冢 冤 冽 凊 凰 剋 勁 勒 匡 匣 匪 匱 卅 卞 厥 厲 叢 吮 呫 哳 啞 啾 喃 喙 嗇 嘖 嘯 嚬 嚮 囂 囊 囹 圃 圄 坤 垠 堊 堯 塡 壎 壑 夙 夷 奐 奸 姚 姸 婉 婬 嫗 孟 寇 寠 寤 對 尨 尫 尭 尸 尹 屛 屢 峭 崙 巍 已 帖 帚 幄 幗 廈 廩 廬 彗 彬 徇 很 徙 徼 忿 恣 恪 悋 悖 悚 惕 惶 愒 慷 懈 戈 戎 扛 拏 挈 按 掉 掣 揆 揣 搏 摧 撈 撼 擒 擺 攘 攬 斌 斟 旁 旄 旰 旱 晏 晨 暉 曼 朋 朮 李 杼 枉 柝 柢 柯 栴 桀 桂 棊 棗 棠 棣 椽 楮 槁 槃 槐 槿 檀 櫪 歠 殃 殫 殷 毋 氾 汀 汨 沃 沛 沮 洛 洶 洸 洽 浩 涅 渙 渚 渟 渭 游 渺 湘 湮 溲 溷 滄 滾 潑 瀚 煖 煥 熙 燎 燕 爨 爲 牀 牆 牖 牘 牝 犀 狄 狗 狷 猗 猴 猷 玲 琅 琢 琳 瑶 璞 瓊 瓏 瓢 甌 甎 甕 瘁 癉 癸 發 皁 皓 盂 盧 眈 眥 眦 睚 睛 瞋 瞻 磊 磋 磑 磬 礙 礪 禮 禹 秦 穽 竈 竭 竽 笙 筲 箕 篆 篪 篳 簇 簑 簞 簣 簪 籒 粱 糟 糠 糴 糶 紂 紊 絅 綦 綸 縟 繚 繫 繽 纛 羔 羲 翊 翦 翫 耆 肓 胖 胤 胥 脣 脯 膩 臂 臉 臥 舂 舒 舜 艱 艾 芒 芬 苞 苟 苡 茅 茵 茸 荊 荼 菽 萁 萼 葩 蒲 蒿 蓬 蓴 蕕 蕘 蕪 蕭 薏 薤 薪 薺 藍 蚓 蚤 蛆 蛉 蛟 蜀 蜍 蜒 蜚 蜻 蜿 蝸 螳 螻 螽 蟬 蟾 蠡 袍 袗 袱 裎 裘 裙 裳 褌 褶 襦 覓 覿 觥 觴 詔 誅 誥 誦 誨 諧 諷 謖 謨 譌 讒 豁 豕 豺 貂 貉 賁 賈 趙 趾 跂 跌 跎 跔 跖 跛 跫 跼 跿 蹄 蹉 蹊 蹐 蹶 躄 躅 躑 躡 躬 軻 輦 輾 轂 轅 轗 迹 逍 逾 遏 邇 邯 郢 鄂 鄒 鄰 鄲 醯 釐 釵 鈞 鈿 鉤 銖 銜 銷 鋒 鐺 鑠 鑪 閻 闔 闕 闢 阮 隗 隘 隴 雉 雕 霆 霍 霑 霓 霽 鞋 韈 韋 韜 韭 頸 顚 顱 飧 飫 饋 饑 馘 駟 駢 駭 騏 驤 驥 驪 髀 髥 鬟 鬻 魄 魏 魯 鮑 鮒 鰥 鱸 鳧 鳳 鴛 鴟 鵬 鵺 鶻 鷁 麕 麟 麤 黎 黔 黛 黜 黝 黥 鼈 齏

The first thing that should be apparent is that a handful are j1k kanji anyways which a handful I have learned and I know you have too so the actual number is less than 490 probably. Either way, provided you know the 400 something kanken1 base deck cards, you’ll get less than 1 new kanji every 4 yoji. Throw in phonetic components and that seems pretty doable in a reasonable timeframe. Of course, theres still the issue of kanji you already are familiar with being read in weird ways, but putting that aside.

These are the ones that show up in the base deck btw


This marks the end of day one for me. I learned the first 200 words today over about 2.5 hours of study. There were some ones that were really tough to make mnemonics for, but funny enough some of the hardest ones just ended up being really easy because of how memorable they were. Like 鷸蚌 was one I had no idea what I could mnemonic would be, but then it was just so wack it was memorable. Overall, about 10% of the words were words I had already seen from novels, so that helped too.

To wrap things up I did a quiz at the end of the day and got 100/102. So like a 98%. Here is the results of that quiz if anyone wants to look at what words came up.


I have now finished all 447 words of the base deck. My head hurts a little bit since I did it in a day and a half, but it was fun. Now I just need to retain my knowledge. Favorite word was probably 社稷 with its cancerous reading of すめらおおもとお.

Will proabably not learn any new words today and at the start of tomorrow just to focus on review and then maybe start on the yojijukugo tomorrow evening.

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Well I guess that’s that. I had classes all day. Also doing the quizzes on my phone on the train sucks, unlike using apps.

I originally imagined doing a bunch on the phone, but 5 minutes of that this morning squashed that idea.

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Well, there’s still 2000 yojijukugo I’ve got left to go, so it’s not like I’m even a fifth of the way finished. Overall, the base deck wasn’t that bad I’d say. The last 50 went by pretty quick, but 300-350 was kinda cancer. Was cool seeing a lot of new kanji and forms of words. Like 慧眼 as 炯眼.

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I did 20 this morning. Probably wouldn’t anticipate doing many more than that in the evening, seeing as I barely absorbed the meaning for any of them, so really the number I’m “finished” with is like 5. Every new kanji requires a pretty extensive deep dive. So, you’ll finish by early next week, and I’ll finish some time in the summer maybe. Not that it matters, just isn’t much of a race.

I imagine the way we use the quizzes is pretty different. I add new items 1 or 2 at a time, and if there’s new kanji (which there almost always will be) I do the usual round of looking it up in all my various resources. I can’t imagine retaining it for long term without that.

This of course means also having to tell the server to do all these different quizzes which is one of the reasons it’s annoying on my phone, typing exclamation marks and parentheses all the time.

Yeah I only bothered to look up a handful of them. About half of them I knew from my books or the other decks. Other ones, I just went with it unless it looked familiar. I never know what half the kanji mean anyways and get it from meaning, so that’s just been a long term habit of mine. Even the reading I only learned whats in the word. Like when I learned 剔抉 and 抉剔 I had to “learn” another reading for 剔 because I didn’t know what came after the て and just that there was something.

Kinda makes sense why no one else would join though… I doubt there’s anyone else who randomly knows 1kyuu words but not the kanji (or I guess you’re saying you already knew them completely and they weren’t new to you at all, which… makes it less of a race as well).

I am going in expecting to learn everything from scratch. I think most other people would be too.

I think there’s a couple reasons for that lol

I guess it depends on your definition of knowing the kanji. But I think anyone who reads a lot of Weeb shit would know at least 50-100 of the words in that deck. I’d say I only knew somewhere in the lower part of that range. But either way that’s like 10%. Of course being familiar with a kanji in that 10% can help you out of it’s used again in another word, though. Like 跋扈 was one I knew from my books and both of those kanji showed up elsewhere iirc.

We can even it out with a race to see who gets all the achievements in Elden Ring first. Don’t worry, I only have 15% of them. :wink:


Can’t say I’ll ever play that game, so you might have me beat on that one


I don’t only know the word 硯箱 but also own one. Are there extra points for this? :grin:


Got some more achievements last night.


Would it be more interesting if the race was me doing all the readings vs you doing all the elden ring achievements?

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You two doing that side by side would actually make for a pretty entertaining stream. :joy:


I’m not sure how hard it is to get all achievements in elden ring so it might be really lopsided. Maybe 50% would be better. Or maybe completing the game honestly. I think leebo said he was like 2/3 of the way done the other day.

Doing the first 100 yoji and they are kinda kicking my ass compared to the words, but I imagine the start is the hardest and the more I do the easier it will be.

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