Another genki/wanikani question

So I haven’t found quite this question answered before

I’m wondering at what Level in wanikani have you covered all of the kanji in Genki i & ii

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I can’t answer the question completely, but doesn’t Genki teach 歳? That’s in level 46 here.

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I can crunch some numbers on this. Just to check, though, is this the full list of kanji in Genki?

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Yeah, I’m doing Genki as well and the only one I haven’t learned on WaniKani yet is at level 46 like Leebo said.

Don’t remember what level the previous last one was.

Somewhere around the 40s, I think. Although I’m only level 25 and I can recognize 90% of the kanji in the link that @Belthazar posted.

Yep, that’s right :smile:

I’m going into my third year of Japanese study and kanji’s my weak point so trying to catch up with all of the kanji I’m supposed to know before March

Okies, done some kanji manipulation. To summarise in one sentence, at level 20, you’ve learnt 95% of the kanji in the link I posted above, or to put it another way, all of them save fifteen. The last fifteen are:

査 (21)
案 (22)
供 (24)
質 (24)
違 (24)
授 (26)
貸 (27)
痛 (27)
怒 (27)
絶 (28)
婚 (30)
彼 (35)
払 (35)
遅 (35)
歳 (46)

Here’s the full list:


Thank you so much!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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