Another context sentence issue (basically a rant)

It has been said before but… wouldn’t it be nice if the context sentences actually provided reliable context for using the vocabulary words?
I mean, I had to go to a different source to learn that this word can also mean special, extra, extraordinary. Sure WK is not a vocab training tool. At the very least though, it should not make learning harder.

Which leads me to the question that keeps coming back to me regarding the primary meanings WK gives for kanji and vocabulary. How/why do they choose to make the primary meaning one they know is not used as frequently as a synonym. It’s been an issue since around level 21 , for example the explanation even says that this word is usually used as one of the alternate meanings. Even the context sentence uses it that way. Why WK? Why?


I don’t think they put too much thought into the example sentences. In the beginning there were no example sentences. Then many people started complaining because knowledge of vocab meaning is useless without context.

Which is why WK started adding example sentences. It was an afterthought.

There are example sentences that don’t even try to explain the vocab:

I’m hooked on Attack on Titan.進撃

It’s like if a Japanese person learns the English word “godfather” and instead of explaining what a godfather is, the example sentence is “I love the movie The Godfather”.


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