Anki vs. Genki Vocab


How do you guys think that the Genki vocabulary app matches up against Anki? I am wondering if it makes more sense to use the Genki app for vocab learning since I’m using the Genki textbook.


I haven’t used the genki app but Anki is great for vocab and there are plenty of genki decks. I personally liked using both Anki vocab decks and genki decks in Anki.


I haven’t used it extensively, but if you’re interested in things like stroke order (wait, sorry that might just be the kanji app.) and tying it in with genki studies it might prove useful.


There is an addon for Anki to show stroke order


That’s pretty legit!!!


The genki app doesn’t even compare to anki with the level of customisation it has (if have knowledge of basic html/css/js skills). There are quite a few genki decks made for anki which you can find here.


Also. Genki app ain’t free.


I use Renshuu for learning Genki vocab. It’s awesome. You get quizzed on the kanji you know off WaniKani at the same time, plus it has example sentences done the way they should be done (hyperlinked words with meanings). Memrise has one advantage which is mnemonics, so maybe use Memrise when you first learn the words for a Genki chapter, and then Renshuu as reinforcement and taking things to a higher level.


Anki is for coders / experimenters. Not really drag and drop like Dreamweaver.

I have seen your deck. There are “very” beautiful.