[Anki] Tutorials

I am using the WK10k breakdown anki deck.
Can someone explain to me how i move cards of later levels to “new cards” ? I think im around level 10, but wanted to move the card 幻想 of level 17 to the front. I tried to reposition the cards i want to learn and it says due 0, 1, 2 etc… But they still wont show up as new cards, my last "new card " was due 15800 or something. I am not sure how anki works, but i get the feeling the due does not have an effect on this deck and the next cards are chosen just by some other indicator?

I think for the “due” number to have an effect you need to also switch your deck to “Show new cards in order added”. (I must say, I think this wording is less than optimal but hey…)

You can find it on the main screen, under the deck’s cogwheel go to “Options”:

That should do the trick. (At least it does for me…)

I already have that option enabled.