Help using Anki?

I realize that studying outside of WaniKani is necessary if I want to be proficient in Japanese-- especially for those non-kanji words and grammar points. How do you guys balance your studies? WaniKani seems to take up so much time just by itself that I feel like doing Anki decks would be a bit much?

Also, I haven’t used Anki much, but if I understand correctly you basically have to remember to do it, right? It’s not like WaniKani where you’ll be reminded as soon as you have a review available? I guess I just don’t know much about how to use it, especially alongside WaniKani.

Any advice would be great!!

If you have an Android, you can have a launcher-widget which displays the number of items in Anki for the day.

If you are running out of time only using WK you probably shouldn’t add more SRS stuff to your schedule since that will create a big workload in the future. The time spent doing those extra reviews would be better spent reading or studying grammar.

Anki is hard to be taught how to really use, but you can check out @hinekidori’s tutorial here,

A general recommendation to replicate WaniKani experience would be

  • Type-in input {{type:Field}}
  • A few hours’ interval 1 10 240 480
  • Furthermore, creating a deck using spreadsheet / text file
  • Sub-decks ::

I prioritize doing Anki before WaniKani. Also, I pre-drill lessons in Anki before leveling up in WaniKani. I do Core 10k breakdown in Anki. I practice writing individual Kanji in Anki.

I never finish my reviews in Anki, though. Just like WaniKani, I rarely go to 0/0. I play with numbers, 25 items at a time, for instance.

I don’t know much about how to drill grammar.

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