Anki: Decks inside decks and option groups

I’ve been using anki for about a month now, and I feel like understand the basics pretty well. All questions that have popped up I’ve found an answer for, but not this time…

I’m mainly using anki for learning Japanese, but I started using it for other school subjects as well. I renamed my decks like this: subject - deck name so they show in the right order - but I still find it kind of messy. I would also like to see statistics for each subject.

The solution I came up with for this was to group decks by having a parent deck for each subject like this:

But I’ve noticed the options group for the parent deck affects the children decks, and therefore I’m scared that I will break shared decks that I’m using. For example: a lower new lessons/day on the parent deck will affect the children as well. I’m worried that the more scary and advanced settings like intevals and ease do this too.

So for my question(s): Is it possible to set up my parent decks in a way where they don’t interfere with their children? Is setting the reviews/day and lessons/day for the parent deck really high enough? Is there a better way of grouping decks?

(Note: I study each deck manually and not through the parent deck.)

The number of reviews per day and lessons per day for Parent deck must be higher than Children deck, in order not to interfere. You can increase lesson/review per day through Custom Study, anyway.

Interval does not interfere.

Another way of grouping decks is tagging and filtered deck. But suspending and unsuspending cards will interfere with it.

I prefer Sub-deck more, and just bear with Parent interfering with Children.

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