Anki core 10k by WK levels


i’d love to do the core10k again, only this time not as kana version. this would probably be no problem, if i wasn’t a lowly lvl 9 peasant and knew the kanji from those items already, so…

i’m looking for an anki core10k deck, sorted by wk levels, maybe with wk vocab omitted, since i’m learning it here.

memrise or whatever other system would be fine, too.


@hinekidori did make a version of the Core 10k, ordered by WK levels.

However, I’m not sure how up to date it is :man_shrugging: Hine has been working intensively on decks for Kitsun lately.


thanks you, you’re awesome :slight_smile:

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@hinekidori too :slight_smile:


I just spent 2 weeks doing the core 10k by wanikani levels. I am about to delete the deck an move to the original core 10k. The way its sorted by wanikani levels makes it impossible to learn some words.

For example, here are one lessons worth of words:
上がる to go up
上がる to improve
上がる to be finished
上がる to eat

all of these within a few cards of each other.

or the day I got:
上(うえ) above
上(じょう) superior
上 (かみ)govermnent official.

or the day I got:

I think having the words arranged by meaning complexity and use is probably way more helpful for the core 10k than having EVERY SINGLE word related to the lvl 1, 2, 3, vocab thrown at me in sequence.
Its taking me like 5x as long to memorize each of these incredibly similar words.

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