Anime on Netflix with Jp Sub

Any recommendations for good listening immersion anime on Netflix that has Jp Sub?

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Netflix outside of Japanese is hit-and-miss whether it will have Japanese CC as an option or not. I suppose the idea of hearing impaired Japanese people living outside of Japan hasn’t quite made the rounds yet.

Komi Can’t Communicate is (IMO) a really great slice-of-life show with fully fleshed Japanese subtitles.


Any anime that’s a netflix original will have japanese subs in my experience. I also went into my Netflix settings and set one of my languages as Japanese. I don’t know if that changed anything but its worth a try.


JoJo series has JP sub in my region, and it’s a pretty long series.


Bro, Amazon Japan can’t even get their CC game straight for people living IN japan. Its wild.


Just a heads up, but that abbreviation is considered a slur. Jp or Jpn are widely accepted alternatives. If you’d like, I can edit the title for you.

Also, do you also know about Netflix’s function where you can browse by sub/dub language? I don’t know what you have available to you.


Thanks for the heads up. Hope I didn’t unintentionally offend anyone.
I just updated my language settings. But there’s a way to browse by sub?

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For website,


be warned if you try to watch non JP shows that are subtitled/dubbed as often the dub won’t match the jp subtitles (i suspect the dub is often a separate thing from whomever is subtitling as i find often the subtitles match the english far more than the dubbed japanese, even so far as even character names being different)