An interesting glitch

So I was just doing my kanji lessons on my slow iphone 6 and finished them (leaving the vocab for later:))) and the wifi was bad so when I went back to the dashboard, it was kinda slow at loading and when I scrolled down quickly to look at my review forecast, instead of the hourly thingy, something else appeared for a split second just enough for me to read it: all I got to read was something along the lines of:

“Holy Crabigator! Looks like you burned everything …”

under an image that looked like the one that appears when vacation mode is activated. I imagine this is what appears when you do burn everything? Anyway I just thought this was an interesting glitch and it would be cool if a dedicated veteran or a member of the team could confirm what this was so ya


Doubt anyone has gotten to the point of actually burning everything though.

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People did! (Including me)

That was before the addition of new items though. I have to admit I didn’t find the strength to actually keep going after that. Also, I think it means it’s technically impossible to have everything burned at this time (since the last time they added items is too recent)


That is so satisfying to see.


wow ya that picture on the right is exactly what I got a glimpse of… interesting why that happened

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Exploit it! The rewards of instant kanji and vocabulary comprehension! Fast to Fluency!

The wonders of this modern age we live in.


Yeah, they’ve been on at least a monthly update cycle for a while now. I still remember when two updates a year was rare.


I’m not sure why this glitch happens when loading the site, but I’ve had this happening too many times to count. I always figured it had to do with my slow internet speed + the amount of scripts I had running on the dashboard needing to load or something.


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I believe Kohichi is still on the way. That’s what happens when you travel by durtle. They collapse from exhaustion every 300 meters, and finding a replacement is a pain.


The “Congratulations, you’ve burned everything” is probably a placeholder message that they have for the Review Forecast, and then the <div> for that is rewritten by something they load from the API. So if your internet connection is slow, there will be a couple of seconds between the time when the page is loaded and the time when the Review Forecast API replaces that placeholder text with the number of reviews you have for the week.

For people who don’t have any reviews for the current week but has not burned everything, there is also another standard message (something like “You can relax, no reviews this week” or similar).


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Interesting…haven’t seen this glitch but I also have a lot of reviews :sob: I’ll have to ask.

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