Amazing read website

I just want to share this amazing website with you guys, called
You can read on your level, mark vocabulary, export to Anki, read furigana, translate into English and more.

Of course, there are some good sites out there that I saw, but I just discovered this one, and I think this is one of the best to practice reading.


This looks really interesting; thanks for sharing.

Do you have any idea what the subscription rates are once the free trial is over? (I couldn’t find any info - I’m guessing they tell you after you’ve signed up).

As far as I can tell it’s completely free. Where are you seeing the free trial part?

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The video says to ‘try it now for free’ which gives me the sense that it is free now, pay later…

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I’ve had an account there for quite some time and I never had to pay a cent.


Good to know, thanks very much.

The fact that there seems to be no way to try the service without giving it your Facebook or Google ID is disappointing and a little offputting.


Really? I find it more offputting when I can’t login with my Google account. Then I have to go through the whole account creation process and make a new password. Not to mention, a random website is probably going to have worse account security than Google, so why not let Google handle it instead? That’s my perspective :grin:


I think it is free which makes it even more good.

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I personally refuse to use my Google or FB accounts in other places, which means I can’t use that website. So it would have been better if they had the option of creating an account as well as the G/FB logins.


Create another Google account for stuff like this, problem solved


That’s very nice. Do you know of any similar website with audio files for each sentence by any chance?

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Very nice. Thank you.


Thank you @wolfgangdoyle

Thank you for the recommendation. This is why I love WK community. I signed up immediately.

Then I found this! I know it’s not what it means in the sentence context, but it is funny. It might be a problem for people who still doesn’t know where to cut a word in any Japanese sentence that doesn’t have spaces in between. ( ^∇^)

This!! And IIRC, you can even log into both on the same browser; when a website is asking to login with your account, Google will then prompt you which account to use, which is convenient.

Although this wholly negates any security/privacy benefit you get from having a “burner” account.

Beyond the fact that Google will track the ever living… out of you regardless, your browsing history and metadata gets tracked and bound to both accounts if you leave them both logged in.

It depends on what kind of problem you’re trying to solve I guess. I’m thinking from the perspective of not letting 3p associating me with my main Google account. You’re looking at Google not associating the 3p website with your main account on top of that. (: I have no problem with the latter, but I know people who do… So it’s fair.