Am I going about this wrong?

Hopefully this is the right section. I just came across the lesson for “Method” (仕方) [しかた] and the reading explanation says that I should know how to say it because its using the on’yomi reading for 仕 and the kun’yomi reading for 方. However ive only ever seen 方 being used as ほう. The level 3 lesson for 方 doesnt even mention かた. So have I been going about WaniKani wrong? Should I have been trying to learn the all the on’yomi and kun’yomi readings for everything I come across? So far ive been learning them as they come up. I think it would be a little overwhelming for me to learn them all at once.


Hmmm, well, WaniKani teaches as a vocabulary word in level 3, the reading in this case is かた.

仕方 is on level 4, so I am guessing that’s why WK assumes you have already seen 方 read as かた before, even though it is taught as ほう with the kanji.


you’re not doing it wrong uwu most vocab explanations tell you when it uses a reading you haven’t seen before


You haven’t been doing it wrong. Likely before a recent overhaul the first reading learnt for 方 was was かた. Pretty recently they changed many kanji to teach on’yomi first.

If you send an email to , they’ll likely change the reading mnemonic soon.

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That makes sense, I guess I just havent gotten to that one yet.

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That’s a bit strange, unless you are using some sort of re-ordering script. The default WK ordering wouldn’t let you take a level 4 vocab before teaching you the level 3 ones, as far as I remember…

I feel like they don’t always assume you did all the vocab, though. They do have that Random setting for lessons, so you could have not learned it yet, even when using vanilla WK.

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Do you get your lessons to 0 regularly? If so, you should have seen it.

I rarely leave any lessons up. I had 7 this morning because I guru’ed a few kanji last night and then hit 5 this morning so now I have 60ish. I swear I havent seen 方 as a vocab word yet though. Weird.

Was one of those 方?

Its possible, but it was at 1am so I honestly cant remember :man_shrugging:

edit: Im doing some of my lessons now, if I hit 方 ill update.

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You can also check on the item page whether you’ve done it already. Or check if it’s unlocked at the bottom of the page.


Who would’ve thought… That is Falco.

Nice name, avatar combo.

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Thanks :bird: :fox_face: :frog: :rabbit:

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I just checked and I’m ashamed to admit that I have seen it before, although to my partial credit I have been using the ほう reading the entire time as it accepts both :disappointed: . Thanks to you and to everyone who responded and helped.


I’m more of a :fox_face: :cloud: guy, but :bird: probably looks cooler, and I might like him more in Brawl.

Also, from Falco’s wiki:

Falco acts as the wingman and friend of title character Fox McCloud for the majority of the series.


I’ll stop derailing this thread now. :slight_smile:

It could be because you’ve unlocked enough kanji to move to the next level but haven’t actually unlocked all the kanji in the previous level. If you’ve had any problems with using the kanji it won’t move on to the vocabulary until you’ve guru’d it.
For example, even though I’m at level 3 right now, I haven’t unlocked everything from level 2 yet because there are two radicals and two kanji I keep getting wrong. But because I’ve guru’d 90% of level 2, wanikani has allowed me onto the next level. Let me know if I worded that badly and need to rewrite this, its kinda weird to say and I’m bad at English (although it is my first language)

Whoops I kinda jumped the gun with that reply. I just saw the last message, happy to see you figured out what happened :slight_smile:

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