Alternate idea for level 0: "WaniKana"

There’s certainly some people out there who can’t start WaniKani because they haven’t learned how to read hiragana and katakana well enough (or at all).

If WaniKani optionally taught users how to read kana using SRS, it could hypothetically allow somebody to learn how to read Japanese from the ground up on one single platform.

What do you think? After all, it likely wouldn’t require any fundamental changes to how WaniKani works.

Do you know how to read these?: ゐ ゑ


Speaking personally, I didn’t find it all that difficult to learn hiragana…

And wi would we know? :stuck_out_tongue:


It wouldn’t be bad as an option, but it should definitely not be required

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Maybe it’s better to just link to the tofugu guides for kana instead of using SRS? Also I think the current SRS intervals would be painstakingly slow for something (I think) you’re better off repeating as much as possible to get used to it quickly.


I second this, Tofugu’s guide was all I needed. I actually learned hiragana (and katakana) in two days, and learned how to write it by the third day. I then just did a lot of practice with them, doing the little games that I used to help me learn them, for a week or two spending 30 or so minutes practicing them. I also found children’s books. I don’t think SRS is neccessary when it comes to learning kana since you’ll see it everywhere.


I learned Hiragana and Katakana in under two hours using Then started learning Japanese, SRS for these is just overkill.


Until recently I had the same troubles with remembering the katanana characters. But then I began doing some SRS studies on japanese grammar at There you will get sentenses that brings your katakana into use while you learn grammar. You can link your WaniKani account to your Bunpro account with your API key. This will enable you to make it so that the vocabalary in the grammar sentences, which you don’t know, will be shown with furigana (hiragana-help).

This way when you see a kanji with no furigana, you know that you should be able to read without looking it up. Fear not. If you have forgotten the reading you can click on the kanji and the hiragana-reading will be shown.

Like a lot of people here I learned the kana in a few days, but the main thing is that doing regular WK will reinforce the kana readings so much that you don’t really need them as a separate thing anyway. I can read hiragana without thinking now.

I was in the same boat until I turned on the setting in Tsurukame to have the on’yomi readings in katakana. It’s helped a lot since I see them more often, but ユ and ヨ still trip me up occasionally.

You can do this in the browser too, the original script is this one:

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