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こんにちは みなさん!

So i just finish level 2 and are now on level 3 and Im really enjoying this program. However i don’t feel like making monthly purchases for the rest of it. I have no issue with money on the life time purchase, I just want to know if it’s worth it…

Any thoughts or suggestions?

When I took JLPT N1 in early July I got all 6 kanji questions correct, because of WK. No hesitation at all.


I think monthly or annual is actually a better option if money is a concern. From what others have mentioned on the site there’s been a holiday sale on lifetime the past few years so it might be worthwhile to wait before taking that plunge. In terms of raw numbers most users seem to drop out around level 10 or 20 as well. If you aren’t sure if it’s worthwhile it might be better to do a non-committal subscription until you’re really sure about it. Besides, the annual sub is prorated if you upgrade.

As for WK itself it’s fantastic and I have no regrets. There’s no way I would have made as much progress with kanji on my own in such a short time. Wait, actually I have one regret. WK is a soul sucking addiction I can’t ignore in my Japanese studies.


Whoops, there was mistake. Money isn’t an issue, but thank-you for the insight.


Regarding the question, I guess you’ll mostly get biased answers since must of us are paying for this, therefore, believe in the product. But yeah, if you commit to it, the results will be worth the investment.

こんにちは is the right spelling

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As a monthly subscriber, I would suggest monthly for now until you really feel comfortable with everything. At level three you’ve barely gotten your feet wet. More like a “pinky toe barely in the water” situation. When the honeymoon period of excitement wears off and you find that you have, in fact, incorporated it into your life that’s when I suggest taking the plunge.
I would have bought a lifetime subscription a while back but large sums of money are an issue for me, at least all at once.

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I went for the yearly option - depending how far ive gotten by December I might switch to lifetime. If you are accurate you can complete everything in 2 years but I think wanikani is usefull even after you finish it as you can unburn items and self quiz

I would suggest going on yearly also if money isnt an issue and then seeing how you get on when the reviews start piling up. Level 19 was the hardest for me so I went back to 17 to refamiliarise myself on the kanji i started struggling with

Thanks for correcting me :slight_smile:

After level 3 I bought a one year subscription and haven’t looked back. It’s easily been worth it for me so far.

Just ask yourself this one question: Do you REALLY want to learn Japanese?

If the answer is “yes”, then this should be worth it for you.

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