All vocab .csv or Googlesheet pull of current vocab using API?

I’m currently using Kaniwani to supplement WaniKani. I use a googlesheet to track all of my current vocab words and add in all my new vocabulary in it. I then use the googlesheet to create new mnemonics for the full vocab word.  I also order similar words together so I can differentiate them easier. My method for adding new vocab words is inefficient though, since I try to do bulk copy and pastes from KaniWani’s support page, but words don’t seem to add on to just the top or bottom.  I end up having to vlookups and such. I’m looking for another way.  My thoughts: 

1) Is there a way to fully download all current vocab words from Wanikani 0-60? I’m aware this wouldn’t be a live list and include future updates. 

2) Is there a way to create a googlesheet script that automatically pulls in someone’s current vocabulary list? I am not a programmer like it seems many people on Wanikani are and would need step by step instructions. 

3) Do others do it another way? Ex. Just using Wanikani as the suppository of all mnemonics, HouHou, etc. 


Broooooo I gotchu. 


Perfecto. Thanks Mahum!

What I did was: Downloaded all vocab 1-60, uploaded to excel, semicolon delimited, copy and pasted to googlesheet. Added in mnemonic column.