Is there a WaniKani spreadsheet with a character column and a menemonics column?

I have an Anki deck that I really like (the Nihongoshark deck) but I wanted to add the WaniKani mnemonics to said deck. Thanks

Oh wait I just realized, would this be one of those things that undermines Wanikani’s business model? I’m a subscriber so it doesn’t apply to me but I just realized a public list of the mnemonics might screw up their subscriber model.

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Slightly off topic, but is there a function in excel or google sheets to convert kanji to readings?

MS Word has an “insert ruby text” button somewhere. Perhaps Excel and/or Google have something similar?

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It’d be fairly trivial to generate one from the WK API, but I think you’re right that they wouldn’t want all their mnemonics being passed around to non-subscribers. OTOH if it’s only for the personal use of an active subscriber it’s probably fine.

I’ve never thought about it before, but you’re right it’s way too easy to do using API V2
That means anyone can make another site linking all the mnemonics from Wanikani and gives it for free with ads here and there. All they need is a token

Don’t you guys think it’s kind of a security issue?

I assume they’ve just decided to trust their users… It wouldn’t be particularly difficult to screen scrape the whole site if someone really wanted to steal their content - can’t properly secure anything that ends up in a web browser anyway.

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