All burned! 🔥🐢🔥:durtle_hello:

Congratulations! Also thanks for being such a familiar face on the forums… Every time I drop in, it seems like you’ve been active on one of the recent threads :slight_smile:


For some reason, I thought this was the GOT thread popping up again and someone had just modified the title… :woman_shrugging: :fire:

I‘m not sure if I already said it but no hurt in saying it twice: congratulations!! :partying_face: It must be such a great feeling to finally move on from WaniKani reviews after spending so much time one then. On the other hand, judging from the fact that you made it to all burned, I guess you don’t find them too bad.


yo what is this leaderboard majic



What a huge inspiration for someone starting to feel burned out.

I was wondering how your retention on vocab has been? I find that a lot of the time the stuff I learn i have learned from Wanikani has been the ability to read the kanji. When reading passages I often find myself being able to read the kanji but require to look up the meaning.

I think my vocabulary increases when I review the kanji I have learned from Wanikani in a textbook learning environment. Did you find this also? I feel like Wanikani is such a behemoth of a grind that you start to lose focus when doing reviews and enter autopilot mode.


There were a fair share of things I had forgotten after burning, but I started KaniWani when I reached 60 (practicing EN —> JP) and it refreshed a lot of it for me, so it worked out pretty well that way. I think the best thing you could do for retention is reading, seeing the kanji/vocab in context that way does wonders for cementing everything WK has taught you ^^

As far as the feeling of burnout goes, I totally get it. If the reviews start to feel like a chore and you’re losing excitement or not recognizing the progress, I’d suggest taking some time to not do anymore lessons and slow down for a little — continue reviews of course, but with the extra time maybe do some things that get you excited for the language :slightly_smiling_face: manga, video games, anime, music, etc, whatever it is that you like. Then once your brain (and motivation) feel refreshed, start tackling lessons and leveling up again c: (and read!)

Just a little time slowing down can work wonders, or even just reuniting with whatever makes you like the language, or reading things to realize the progress you’re making. Whatever it may be, I hope you find it again, and I’m glad my post was able to inspire you! Hope to see you at 60 some day, I’ll be saving you some cake :cake::durtle_the_explorer: 頑張ってね :grin:


Yay Miss you did it!! :clap::clap::clap:

Can we watch the LoTRs now? :laughing:


220 days on L23? I’m 209 days on L24, fraternal twins!!!


Yes!! :ring:

YESSSS :dancing_women:



I can’t believe it’s already been 400 days since you made it to the cake! Thank you so much for inspiring and encouraging us! Looking forward to the rest of my burns! :slight_smile:

Congratulations!! Do you get extra extra cake? :stuck_out_tongue:


Extra crispy cake :smiley:


Considering they just added new lessons, you can get a third cake when you burn those :drooling_face:


All the cakes!!! :cake:


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