After Learning Kanji

Well, I personally tried Tae Kim before anything else and got too frustrated that I knew zero words and thus had to constantly check the vocab list, which hade it harder to focus on the actual grammar point being taught. Going back after having learned a bunch of basic vocab helped a lot

I’d say try it and see, you’ll feel if you’re ready or not. If not, come back in a few months and see if things have changed.

Same goes for reading… you can read the first few pages of most manga or books on the web.

Just check those once in a while and see when they start making any sense to you.

Personally I went from reading the sample sentences in the core6k deck → graded readers → manga/games → novels.

Also note that the difficulty of both manga and novels can vary greatly, so when you’re a beginner you’ll probably need to look around a bit before you find something you can handle.

For the record I started with よつばと as my first manga and the No 6 series as my first novels.

Hope any if this helps!