After Joyo Kanji, what's next? (Jinmeiyo, Hyogai)

As I see the end of my wanikani journey in sort of two months from now, I am considering keeping learning kanji since my brain likes the exercise. I just read that outside the Kyoiku and Joyo Kanjis, there are Jinmeiyo (for names, very useful when traveling I think) and Hyogai (everything else lol). Although Hyogai is kind of pointless to learn (unless studying a specialized subject) , I think Jinmeiyo is the next step.

What do you think? Would you keep learning knew ones? Are there any good resources for Jinmeiyo’s 843 kanjis? How about Hyogai’s specialized kanjis?


found new thread that answers all my prayers

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2 months?

WK doesn’t cover all of Joyo, so if you want to cover it, you’ll have more than a hundred left to go before you get to that. And then there are common kanji that aren’t joyo for some mysterious reason. Why not just consult the top 2500 most frequent, rather than specific lists.

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What do you think of this?

I started it a couple of days ago, but am only doing 1 or 2 new times a day.

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Learn onomatopoeias! Learn weird hiragana words that are less known. Also, reading is the most reasonable choice. WaniKani basically teaches you 99% of all everyday kanji, and even Koichi says reading is the next best step. If you are fluent already, then learning extra kanji is a great idea. If you are not fluent yet, then learning rare Kanji may be a slight overkill.
I can’t wait to get to where you are at now!


I guess that will make the best of learning new kanjis.

10,000 seems like a lot :sweat_smile:

that’s actually a good idea! onomatopoeias are super useful, and words without kanjis as well. I’ve already started reading and I’m pretty comfortable.

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