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Anybody using Kanji LS for iOS/android?

Kanji LS allows you to create your own sets of kanji to practise. To create such a set, you have to make a config file and then load it into the app. These config files also allows you to define your own custom kanji meanings. On android you can simply put the files on a SD-card. On iPhone however you have to put them on a website and access the website via the app. Now the thing is, it turns out I was incompetent enough to not be able to set up my own local website, so I created this public free one


There are config files for each level and realm (painful, hell etc) upto level 40 (41-60 comming soon). The naming is simple. The config file for level 24 is wk24.txt. The config file for pleasant is pleasant.txt.

The files beginning with an underscore are files I have made for me in preparation for the future. They are fully usable, but they are not “quality assured” and they only have the main meaning (in other words, they lack all the alternate meanings) of the kanji. I am completing those as I progress through the levels.

I know this concerns about two people on this on this forum, but I though since the work is done and the site is public I might as well announce it here. And if you can do all this in a jiffy with a couple of api-calls, I don’t want to hear about it. It’s too late now. So if you happen to be a user of Kanji LS or think about giving it a try, feel free to use the site. Also feel free to download the files and spread them around.


Dear diary,

Here I am talking to myself like a lunatic again.

… jokes aside, there’s been some progress. I’ll soon be entering the fast levels and I’m pretty sure I can’t stop myself from blitzing through them as fast as I possibly can. So if I’m busy now, then I’m going to be doubly busy soon. So I went ahead and completed all the levels (and realms) with alternate meanings. There’s still going to be typos, because that’s what you get when you tediously retype random stuff off of a screen. For instance, I noticed that for 墨 black ink, I had typed black inc. That gave me a chuckle.

Also, since last time I found a new use for the level files. Before, after level up, I used to do all the kanji lessons and then mouse over the kanji in the browser, from left to right, until I could guess the meaning and reading of all of them. Now, I do all the lessons, load the level into KanjiLS, set the test to kanji → on & kun reading (with sensei mode), and just do tests over and over until I’m satisfied. The downside is that KanjiLS will also query me on the kanji unlocked by the radicals, and you never know what reading WK is going to ask for. There’s an easy solution for this, but just for me it’s not worth the trouble.

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