Advice for us low-levels?

Wait wait wait. You can CHOOSE what type of lessons you get? They always mix it up for me, (like vocab, kanji, and radical all in the same lesson queue). You can choose a specific type? How?

what do you mean by leeches? Like lingering lessons from previous levels?

reordering script. Search it up online. (You have to download tampermonkey, a plug in to enable scripts)

Items that you continually get wrong. Not necessarily constantly. Like you may get an item all the way up to the point where you’re about to burn it, then get it wrong multiple times. (aka an item that just won’t stick long term)

LOOOL. I have that!!! It’s 交じる&交わる It’s really confusing.

Make a leech anki deck and never remove from it.


If I attempted this, I would most likely screw something up if I tried that

@Mempo has you covered.

Edit: Also, this is the most popular (as far as I’m aware) reorder userscript.

I don’t see why tho. In my opinion, the reordering script helps because you have an option of radicals and kanji first or vocab first and it makes sense. Plus if you add another ultimate wanikani script(I forgot the name), you can see when will this radical come up. It’s really nice.

Leeches are items that you continually get wrong. You push them up to
guru or master and they tumble back down to apprentice. One or two
leeches is fine. But the problem is when they accumulate. If you aren’t
paying attention you can get overwhelmed.

I guess I don’t have to worry about that since I’m still low level.

The problem is that I don’t know how to use it

nvm i got it

For me its 10, because I need to use the mnemonic to remember. When its five, Its easier to remember,

The thing is that I did not worry about them until it was too late. I recommend keeping an eye on the items you’re getting wrong. It’s very easy for them to get lost in the crowd.

Not sure if this was said already (tl;dr), but when typing the hiragana ん, make sure to hit N twice…
Why? Common example: 女(おんな). You have to hit the N key three times (twice to finalize ん and once to form な). Otherwise, you might accidentally put おんあ (by only hitting N twice) and get screwed over…
^ happened to me :c



I use the Override userscript for situations like this, because typos happen and there’s nothing more frustrating than having to wait two more days to level because you made a typo (use responsibly)

There is a forum category called “pleasant” for members in levels 1-10. I can’t see it, obviously. I once heard that it has a topic thread for helping the new members get better acquainted with WaniKani. It seems to me that some of the issues being raised (e.g. Reorder script, over ride script, leech management) should be addressed in that thread so that people don’t come back asking the same questions over and over.

Most members are happy to help. I can’t help thinking that we are sharing the same info every day.

Talking about forum category, come join us in Death soon :smiling_imp:

I see this quite often, people getting overwhelmed and such, and I’m wondering if there’s a ballpark level where this can start to happen - WK isn’t blocked at work, and the mobile app is really handy, so I’m honestly always waiting for more content (impatiently).

I’m only level 4, but I feel like I’ve been level 4 for ages. I only have about 75 reviews a day, unless I get lessons (in groups of ~12 usually). Plus, I feel like I’m learning a lot faster than I was before, and can definitely handle more content.

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