Advice for Listening Practice

This is A LOT. Perhaps if you love watching anime after school/work you can get some of that time in, but it seems like you’re overdoing it or maybe are in love with Japanese radio or podcasts. I don’t know.

I think just putting in any amount of time listening is worth-wile. And doing so regularly is probably best.

Like @Leebo said, first up you’ll want to get used to those sounds and just let your mind start to parse what you hear into distinct words and then phrases. That will help you relax more while listening, so it’s less strenuous.

This is mostly a matter of time and exposure. So, be patient with yourself. You’ll get there.

I can’t say I’ve done much passive listening. I’ve mainly done active listening as part of media consumption: Japanese music, drama CDs, anime, movies, games etc.

Something that is engaging and that I want to listen to, is what I go for and I recommnend. Also, when I feel tired and my brain refuse to Japanese anymore, I just stop and do something else for a while.

You sort of build up tolerance with time so you don’t as easily get tired from listening. Take your time and just find something enjoyable and work on it regularly and you’ll get there.

Also, if you want tips on what to listen to, you can find some tips here:

Good luck! ^>^

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