Additions to WaniKani UI and process

I’m not sure if there are add-ons that already do these things, if so, my apologies.

Dark mode would be awesome. If I do reviews at night, it would be great to not have the white background glaring back at me.

The ability to “skip” an item and go to the next. I often find myself unable to think of the correct answer to the kanji that is right in front of me, but if I had the opportunity to skip that kanji for now and come back to it later in the same session, I might get it right. However, since I cannot skip it, I get it wrong. And then beat myself up because I KNEW it, but just couldn’t quite remember it correctly. I then get the next 4 Kanjis correct and that gives me a confidence boost.

The ability to choose the number of items you want to review in a session. I know the interface already has the “wrap up” button that allows you to do 10 more and then end the session. I would really like it if I could come into a review session of 204 items and choose to do 25 in this session. I could choose to review in smaller chunks instead of having the overwhelming 204 number looking back at me.


For dark mode try the userstyle Breeze Dark 2.


There was a script for this, but I haven’t gotten it working recently. You can give it a try though. Wanikani Later Crabigator:

You can chat with the scriptwriter as well, if you can’t get it working correctly, so see if there are any solutions.

But, you can also as you say fail any item temporarily. You don’t have to live with the results of that. Just keep on reviewing until you feel like you’ve done enough items - then close your tab or browser mid-session. that will reset the answers you’ve given for items you have not completed both answers for. So, you can get back to those items at a latter date.

Would this work?

I thought WK only gave you 10 ‘active’ cards at a time, so the chance of you getting both sides of a card is pretty likely.

yes, keep on failing both answers will keep the card coming back to you. Just answering one correctly doesn’t let WK register the answer either. It only happens when you answer both correctly.

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Ah right, that makes sense!

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it requires you to remember which answer to keep on failing though. ^^; It’s easy to just answer things correctly in the rush of things. I really liked the later crabigator script as I also prefer to just postpone items I wanna think longer on to the end.

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I’ll stick to durtles app and back-to-back reviews :upside_down_face:


I use the genetic Dark Reader extension that works on any website and does a decent job on WK.

I do virtually all of my reviewing on the Smouldering Durtles app which supports undo/skip/reordering out of the box, the website is too barebones for a good experience and userscripts are fragile and often a bit glitchy in my experience (this isn’t meant as a criticism of the people who create and maintain these scripts, it’s just very difficult to integrate yourself seemlessly on top of an existing website, it’s doomed to being clunky).


Then you didn’t truly know it. Better to let it go back into the rotation and let SRS help you get to really know it.

I use Dark Reader extension and it does the trick. But Wanikani could add a native one.

The ability to review in chunks would be great for me as well. Sometimes I wake up and I just want to do chunks of 30 or so every 30 min or an hour.

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