Added new "Batch, Please" Button and "Interleave Lessons" Option

I was made aware of it a couple of months ago, when the lessons abruptly stopped being in order and I got a weird mix of kanji, radicals, and vocabulary. The ability to turn that off is, in fact, something a good few users who aren’t otherwise interested in super-optimisation might be interested in.

This isn’t adding interleaving in, that happened all the way back then. This is the optional ability to turn it off. In fact, I’d probably have complained about being unable to turn it off if I hadn’t already been using the (then-in-beta) lesson picker.

EDIT: They aren’t even giving the option to turn interleaving off in the non-advanced lesson picker, so while I’m still not sure what the complaint is I’m also not totally sure what purpose it solves if we’re already picking the lessons at this point.

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Ok but what you’re saying is X is bad and undesirable therefore Y should be the default.

This change gives the ability to do X or Y, but you have said X is bad and undesirable - so why would they provide X as a feature? Why not just Y as the default?

I did not at any point say the interleaving is bad and undesirable. If I didn’t want control over my own lesson plans, it’d be the best way to stop myself being stuck doing a bazillion kanji in a row before getting to any vocabulary. However, I would prefer being allowed to pick than having to interleave them - but presumably you don’t like picking, because that’s not the gamified system.

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I’m a little unsure about this - I do bunch my radicals, get them to guru, then kanji all at once to guru, then vocab normally - the idea is by the time they are unlocked, I do have a pretty good idea of most of the vocab from just getting the kanji to guru but I’ll give it a shot for level 25.

with the new pick your lessons, i’ve often been trying to get the unlocked vocab for the next level just because they’re usually low hanging fruit i remember kanji for. Big thing is keeping my apprentice reviews at about 100’ish

It IS abstracted from the user. If you don’t click the button that says Advanced, you don’t have to worry about any of this stuff. Life can continue exactly as before.


Granted, I’m tired…

But I went to my lessons, chose Advanced.

And for a sec I thought I read the message at the bottom as having an I rather than an A.

I was like, wow WK gettin sassy!

That would atleast have been funnny for a minute.

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