WaniKani lessons... disappearing?

Hello everyone,
I don’t have any picture evidence of this but I swear lessons I have keep disappearing.
I go to WaniKani, do my reviews for the day, and then check my lessons. Just today it told me that I have 7 lessons available, so I go to do the first batch of five, and… wait, I’m done already?

When I completed that first batch, it tells me I’m done with my lessons. And indeed, the remaining two are nowhere to be seen. But I swear they were there!

I’ve been thinking something was wrong for the past week now, but I just wanna ask: has anyone else encountered this? Or am I just going crazy?


If you would have only 1 or 2 lessons left after completing a batch of 5 lessons (or, in other words, if you have a total of 6 or 7 lessons left), WK automatically adds these remaining lessons to the batch of five lessons you want to do. This is something that confused me, too, for a while :wink:


Oh, well… that was a quick solution. Thanks!

So… is that only the case for up to 2 remaining lessons, or is it with anything lower than your current batch size, or… is there some other rule?

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I’m not entirely sure, but if you lesson batch is five, it is true if you have up to 2 remaining lessons.

I think it might be the same for other, but it could also be that it is up to half the lesson batch size you choose (if you have an odd lesson batch size, minus one). Again, I am not sure about this, the only case where I can definitely tell you is for a batch of 5. :slight_smile:

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You can see the following announcement made last month about this.


Ah, well, as that’s the size I’m sticking to, that’s all that really matters to me anyways.
Again, thanks!

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Ah, will read that. Thank you!


No problem at all, always happy to help :slight_smile: And I just read in the post that @LupoMikti linked that it is always up to two.