Should there be an Other Languages category?

So while WaniKani is a Japanese learning platform, and 99% of us are here to learn Japanese (the POLL thread is an enigma), plenty of people are learning other languages too, and I’ve seen a bunch of threads asking about resources for other languages or having discussions relating to other languages.

I think it’d be nice to have a campfire category for these threads so they’re all conveniently in one place, but what do other people think? Is it something other people want to see, or is it just not worth it?


It’s an interesting idea and I’m definitely not opposed to it, but personally I wouldn’t read threads about learning different langauges on WK when there are other places for specific langauges. But then again WK has a nice community so no harm in discussing stuff that’s off topic!


I think it’d be smart, given that people definitely come in asking about it!

Obviously WK is Japanese-oriented, but give that the odds of folks in here also learning other languages and wanting to share that info, it makes sense to me. It’s just another topic that people bring up semi-often.

I’m definitely not gonna be lurking in the mandarin one that popped up earlier, nope, not at all


I think this is a great idea.

This is a pretty active forum and threads tend to get buried pretty fast. So we definitely see multiple thread asking about advice about the same languages from time to time.

It would certainly help people to find existing advice if it was all gathered in one place, so you’d be able to browse them. :slight_smile:


The cool thing about categories is that the relevant threads will all be gathered there and it’s easy to follow or mute to your own liking. It was one of the reasons why the Book Club category was introduced not too long ago, so not to clog up the Reading category. As an example, I’m having campfire muted at all times so those threads won’t show up on my front page.


This sounds like a great idea - and Campfire seems like a good place for these threads to live.

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That’s a very good point, and it would be easier to find for the people who want it, and easy to ignore for the people who don’t! I’m convinced :smiley: