Feedback on accuracy?

I’m just hoping for a little feedback to make sure I’m not doing something obviously dumb or inefficient. Sooo… I value comprehension more than speed. I’m doing in the range of 12-15 new items per day because that is what my brain can deal with even on a work day. I usually have 70 to 90 items in the apprentice box. When I do my daily reviews (which I keep up with religiously, because I think they’re fun!) I think I’m hitting around 85-90% accuracy. Does this sound like realistic, sustainable speed and accuracy? Is there some other way other than persisting until I start burning items to check my overall progress?


Generally I believe an accuracy of 80%+ is already considered a decently good target to aim for. with 85-90%, you will most likely not have issues until the later stages, even once you start burning. Though do keep in mind, that later kanji and vocab are harder to memorize, because they are more complex both in appearance and meaning.


Thank you! I just needed someone to test my reality here. When it gets tougher, I’ll just slow down. I’m doing this for fun and to keep my middle-aged brain stretched out and because last spring when I was in Japan a local old guy approached me at a village festival wanting to chat and his English was very serviceable and I really wished I could have reciprocated his kindness. Some day!


You’re a level ahead of me, so I can’t speak to what’s to come either, but so far my statistics are pretty close to yours. I’m doing 14 lessons a day which has stabilized at around 80-100 reviews per day.

My accuracy is a bit higher than yours here on WK, perhaps because I take my time with each new item and really try to internalize and imagine them per the mnemonics?

EDIT: Oh, I should also note that I do KaniWani as well which really helps my statistics on WK since I’m forced to actively recall them via KW which makes the later recognition on WK easier.


However, I also do Anki where I don’t spend as much time with new items since there are no mnemonics and I’m no where near as creative as WK is with their mnemonics. I’m using the new FSRS algorithm released in the latest version of Anki set to a desired retention of 87% and my actual retention there is sitting at 88%.

I find doing both of them with those statistics quite sustainable.

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Pretty good. :innocent:

How did you pull up these accuracy statistics?

Found wkstats and signed in! Now I feel like one of the cool kids.


Yep, looks like you found it before I saw your message. It’s in case anyone else wanted to know too and didn’t find it.