Accuracy over Time

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if there is a userscript, app or website that tracks your accuracy over time and displays it to you, either as a table or as a figure.

Currently, with wkstats, I can see my current accuracy in the dashboard of the website, but I cannot see its historical series.

Thanks in advance, Ricardo.

Historical data is currently unavailable from the WK API


if you use the Heatmap userscript by Kumirei, there is an extension to that called Workload Graph, which can show your accuracy over time


as Kumirei said, historical data is currently not available. so it would only work starting from now, and only if you always did your reviews on the same browser on the same computer. and if you emptied your browser cache or whatever you might lose all the data.

as a solution it’s very far from optimal, but at least it kind of works?


You could graph your accuracy over time based on the info on WK stats, no? Albeit manually unless you automated it.


I have tried to install Workload Graph but I have not been able to make it work. Does it work out of the box for you or do you have to change the source code? I am using MS Edge with Tampermonkey.

You have to do reviews for the userscript to collect information. Also, you’ll want to do all reviews on the same browser/device that you install the userscript to because otherwise it will not capture the data.

it’s been working for me for the last 2+ years with no issues, on firefox with tampermonkey.

but as Kumirei said, they changed the API so that you can no longer see historical data about reviews. heatmap works with limited functionality: it can see what reviews you did on the device and browser it’s installed in, but only since the time it was installed. heatmap chaches that data, but again, only since it was installed. it can’t see what reviews you did before it was installed, and if you do reviews on another device, it can’t see those either.

i don’t know how workload graph works. my guess is that it accesses the cache built up by heatmap. i think workload graph can also be installed without heatmap, but i don’t know how it handles data on its own.

the main problem is that WK changed the API so that one can no longer get a history of all reviews one did. apparently that was causing performance issues on the server. so you can only use data which you’ve either recorded previously (e.g. which was cached by heatmap), or which you record from now on.

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