Accessing the part of speech data for vocab?

So I just started marking a user script that randomly selects an X amount of vocab from your unlocked words. The goal of this originally was so I could practise writing out the vocab I have learnt (in sentences). I didn’t want to just write out the hundreds I have unlocked, and I didn’t want to bother picking them by hand, so I developed the script.

Now my problem is that it’s hard, with my limited knowledge of grammar, to make sentences especially when all the words picked are all of 1 type of the part of speech (ie, all verbs). So I figured I could at least make the script a bit more versatile + ease up by getting the script to pick out say x number of adjectives, y number of nouns, and z number of verbs.

Hence my question: Is there a way to access the part of speech information per vocab. If not, will it be available in the API soon?

Ultimately, making a sentence doesn’t really matter, but it would make it more fun + let me test out my grammar knowledge :slight_smile:

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The API doesn’t contain part-of-speech, but you can extract it from the individual item pages. You can do an ajax request for the html via<vocab_word>, then use jquery selectors on the resulting html to grab the part-of-speech field.

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Oh that makes sense, thanks :slight_smile:

Ah, it’s such a bummer there’s no way to search by part of speech! I know it probably doesn’t make sense as far as the core functionality of WaniKani but would be super amazing for practicing forming sentences with new vocab! I will probably end up writing a script that screen scrapes each individual page, but will have to save it in a local db, otherwise just calling up a bunch of words in each category would take ages.

Is there any way to tag Koichi to request this API feature? :pray:

^^^ I was going to suggest using the wanikani search tag on Jisho, but then I realized they don’t actually have a #wk tag. You can search Jisho by part of speech, though. Just look at the [docs page] on Jisho, find the tag for the part of speech you’re interested in, and put it in the search box.

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