About the Kanji category


If only there were some place to learn kanji. Like, stay with me, some kind of thing, perhaps on some kind of interconnected network of data, that could help you to learn them. Maybe in a particular order? Or, like, maybe it would test you on them, but not just at any old time, but at a specific time that’s better for your… what do you call it? The things in your head that come out of your head sometimes when you need that information?

Ugh, if only something like that existed. Until then, please feel free to use this sub category as a place to talk about kanji, ask about kanji, and rage about kanji.

The Kanji sub category is "public" in that content of this category can be found via outside search engines, even without a WaniKani account. Please don't post anything that you don't want the public to see associated with your WaniKani username.

Oh! The word is “memory.” That’s the word I was looking for.