Question about the categories!

Hello people!
I was just wondering if anyone ever categorized all the kanji and vocabulary? You know like by colors, body parts and so on. I know that i can probably find that somewhere on the internet but i can’t find it for the items that are on wanikani. As you all know, wanikani teaches us everything in a weird and mixed up order which is actually really good but i would love to have all that kanji and vocabulary categorized so i could print them. If nobody ever thought of doing that, does anyone know if there is any software or something where i can put the api key so that it would do it? If not then i guess i’ll have to do it myself. If i successfully do it i might even post for anyone else who might need it. Thanks and bye!

Many body parts contain the moon radical and so that makes them stand out. The same can be said for other categories of words for sure, that there are radicals that are signs to their meaning and use.

I don’t know of any technical bits to help you in your pursuit though.

Spontaneously, I don’t see much use in doing this. Just learn words you make use of and enjoy that knowledge. :slight_smile:

Learning them in groups can help when they don’t remember a specific word. You’d be like, was it あたま、no. みみ、no. くち、that’s it!

Not ideal, but if you’re having trouble learning them otherwise…

Like learning the numbers in order, or the songs that exist for day counter and te form and stuff.

I know drops (app) does this, and I’m sure there are quizlet decks for different themes.

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