About that one script

Do you shamelessly use the override script too much? Be honest


There was a time where life was being life, and things got busy. I ended up using anki mode more and doing reviews on my phone. I thought I was being fair about marking down my mistakes, but when I read native stuff, I notice that items learned in that period can be shaky as hecc.

If you use override on anything other than honest-to-goodness typos, it just wastes time, because you’re spending time on WK without learning it in a way that you can actually use it later. I’m perfectly happy getting red screens, because it slows me down and frustrates me when I’m reading and I have to look up the reading of a kanji, or a vocab that I know I covered in WK.

If someone can walk away from override abuse and read and watch the native content that they want to without drawback: more power to them. Otherwise they spent a year+ of their life getting a golden badge, while they could have been learning Japanese instead. ^^


I might have “overridden” my way to a level up before when I was one or two items short of 90%. I just didn’t want to wait another two days for new kanji lessons, and I marked the item wrong when I ultimately didn’t remember it by the next review.
I would never use it for burn reviews or reviews where the wait time gets really long, and neither for the first Apprentice levels because 4 or 8 hours are not really significant in your overall level time.


The only times I override for something other than a genuine typo are times when I was banner blinded and didn’t look at the kanji properly. As soon as the red flashes up, I check the kanji again, realise I’ve confused it with something else, and usually hit esc. before any of the info pops up below. If I can’t answer it correctly/remember entirely what it is I knock it back down.


It can definitely be abused lol…

lately i’ve been using Lip Surf to do all of my reviews, since my hands hurt from so much typing…

it doesn’t always hear you right, even though it’s really good… So it’s kind of like reverse override mode because you can say a word a few times and then it doesn’t automatically hit enter unless it’s right… So you can try all kinds of different words until you get it right… It only says that it’s wrong if you say wrong yourself which is kind of a pain so now my review rate is much higher but… I don’t know if it’s a good thing…

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ooooooh i’ve done this!!! :laughing:

Yep, I do this all the time where I’m short on time and try to rush through reviews which inevitably causes typos or mix ups. And in either case I always avoid looking at the correct answer beforehand to make sure i’m not abusing it.

I think as long as you don’t override a review that you honestly didn’t remember, then it’s the one of the most useful WK userscripts that exists. ESPECIALLY on phones where typing accurately is difficult.

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Honestly I’ve thought about using the override script but id rather deal with the consequence of typing it incorrectly.


Yeah, even when I don’t use 1x1, sometimes a few items can happen like that in a row. And then for one random one it’ll change, so the pattern I got used to broke and I enter the reading or meaning before I even look at the kanji. “Why don’t you just use 1x1 then?” I can hear some of you already asking. Well, because that… That…

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Don’t even have it installed. A wrong answer is just more times I can review the item to get it to stick better. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I’ve been using it a lot lately to force items to burn, just so I can resurrect them again and start over on it. If an item comes back up after 4 months and my genuine reaction is “I learned that?” I need to start it from scratch, cause I’ll just get it wrong again in 2 weeks if I let SRS take it’s natural course in that instance.

Yeah, the SRS will eventually drop it down enough and it’ll stick and I’ll work it back up the ranks, but I’ve found it to be faster to just reset it to the beginning right away.


I exclusively do reviews on my phone, and I am a horrible phone typist, so override is the only thing that makes wanikani bearable for me.
Beyond that, I also use override as an excuse to not add synonyms. What does wanikani want? Think. What do I always type? Thought. What’s the simplest solution? Add a synonym. What do I do? Override, override, override.
Lastly, I’ll override kanji or radicals to guru sometimes for the sake of not being held back in level for a % point.

So yeah, I use it a lot.

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I mostly use override if my answer is technically correct but not what WaniKani wants. I’ve done RTK a few years ago and while I forgot almost everything, some keywords did stick. The most recent was “Beguile” for the Kanji 惑. It’s the first meaning on Jisho anyway, so no way am I keeping it as wrong.

There’s also the times where WaniKani is just being stupid. “Counter for XYZ” and “XYZ Counter”, for example. Usually both are accepted, but sometimes only one is, and I don’t care to remember which one was used for some word in particular.


I cant bring myself to install this or any other review helping script, because while I do make typos often, I dont trust myself to use it only for typos :sweat_smile:


I use it for: Typo’s, Synonyms, radicals (because radicals)
Sometimes I look at a kanji too quickly and answer what i thought I read and then I see that it’s not the one I thought I read, and if I know the actual answer I override it. But if i get it wrong again, i’ll let it go because at that point I’m just an idiot.

I find that if I abused the override at some point, it’ll come back to bite me in the ass again anyway.


This is pretty interesting. Especially considering this post [Question] Wanikani reorder script and 1x1 mode efficiency
Anyone experimented a bit more with these things?

For now, I’ve switched from meaning->reading w/ 1x1 to reading->meaning w/o 1x1. I didn’t really do the M->R 1x1 for too long and didn’t pay any attention if I did better or worse, but I’ll see if I notice a change now.

If I did more reviews at home, I probably would. But I get most of my turtling in at work where I can’t install any browser extensions. It’s a blessing and a curse.