A WK Highlighter finding verbs and adjectives

I recently found [Browser Extension] WaniKani Kanji Highlighter 2021
I like the feeling of having the WK entry for a kanji popping up on mouseover.
But I imagine more is possible: A WK highlighter! Not only simple kanji.
For kanji pairs it should be easy peasy to check whether they are in the WK vocabulary and then do a popup like for the kanji.
But now to the challenge: Verbs!
Let’s take a simple example: 上げる and 上がる.
Normally verbs won’t appear in a text in dictionary form. So what if I find one or more kanji followed by kana and not a particle. Would it work to add randomly す, る and む with a good chance to get the correct dictionary entry from WK? Or would more intelligence be necessary?
Adjectives would be another topic but I will let them out for now.


I have actually found a JavaScript library that groups Japanese words, which will allow me to highlight words instead of just kanji, in the future. I just need to find the time to implement it hahaha

As I already said before. I’m ready to give you a helping hand beginning of June when I’m on vacation.
A pointer to the JavaScript library? Does it help with verbs?
I’m so interested in this topic because I imagine (Until the reality test) that it can help me tremendously in reading Japanese stuff (Lightnovels :slight_smile: )

My code is a mess hahaha but sure we can talk about it then, in June.
The lib: Tiny Segmenter

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Why not just install a good dictionary/browser extension? No need to reinvent the wheel. Plus a dictionary will have more words than WK.

The world has more than one type of wheel :slight_smile: But earnestly …
You mean e.g. Yomichan?

  • If I can read some stuff: OK.
  • elIf I remember my WK story: OK.
  • else I want fast access to WK. And I consider mouseover as fast.

Obviously for words missing in WK I can use Jisho oder Google translate.

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