A WaniKani Manga

I like the extra study feature a lot, but it would be really nice if Tofugu @mods did some kind of custom manga to WaniKani kind of like how Crystal Hunters they list what vocabulary is used and grammar. Maybe there could be volumes that just use vocabulary anywhere from level 10 or 20 so then when someone reaches level 20 they can start reading the WaniKani manga and get exposed in reading form to new and old vocabulary as there is a risk of forgetting once an item is burned. Reading/context is what is going to help have a higher retention rate. Then have no furigana above the vocabulary so the reader will know whether they forgot that word or not and need to relook it up in WaniKani again.

And then the vocabulary over time levels up and eventually gets to level 60.


Where our levels represent our rank in the spy organization, and we have to stop the evil Koichi from fully reviving the crabigator who will destroy the world.

The only way to stop the crabigator is to steal his kanji-energy by learning all of the kanji! If his kanji energy grows too strong he’ll be revived.

The evil Koichi aims to distract us from learning kanji by throwing vocabulary at us to slow us down, but it’s ok we’ll hit level 60 and take down the crabigator.


That would be a fun manga to read!


Very fun idea :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll let the team know about your suggestion!


I’m not sure I could handle Fugu and Salmon’s love life drama in full manga form。。。


Think you mean Koichi and Viet.

Or Jourm and Mrs Chou?


I want a Hard Gay cameo for the old fans.



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This would actually be such an amazing addition. Hope it happens

I’d read that :sweat_smile:

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