A Visualization of my Wanikani Journey (lvl 6 -59) [Bye Bye Wanikani]]

Hi all, after more than 2 years I decided to quit wanikani. Wanikani enabled me to learn Japanese, as the kanji were the main reason I didn’t make any practice. Since starting Wanikani I passed N2 last year and I am aiming to pass N1 next year. Right now I am reading Norwegian Wood by Murakami which was one of my goals when I started learning, so I am really happy with the progress I made with Wanikani. I am only quitting Wankani because I can’t find the time to do a daily review in combination with my new job.

I kept track of my progress since level 6 by making snapshots. I always intended to post this after achieving level 60, but I only made it level 59 :wink: .Still, it looks kinda cool and I hope it help as motivation for beginners who might feel overwhelmed by the number of kanji out there :wink: .


(higher quality link)

A big thank you to all the supporting peers in this community (it really helped me to know there were others going through the same kanji struggles as me) and of course Koichi, Viet and all the other wonderful people of Wanikani who made this great tool, and lastly a big thanks to the almighty Crabgator himself! Cheers! ~Pydron


Haha, I was actually thinking of making this exact thing when I reached level 60, which should be in a week or so. I’m very glad I finally decided not to do it (quit taking screenshots after a while) because having this posted right before would be kind of devastating. Luckily I have something else planned.

I’m very glad you did this nice slideshow though! And being level 59 forever is kind of a strong statement in and of itself.

Take care in the future!

Congrats. I hope I can keep the motivation to reach lv 60. Anyway, by any chance will you finish level 60 ? It’s only 1 level left xD

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