Finally leaving WaniKani

I started on WaniKani after just a week and a half of learning Japanese, and spent the next 2 years doing this exclusively until I hit level 60. Biggest accomplishment of my life, but as I’d gotten too focused on kanji alone, I actually didn’t have much knowledge of Japanese as a whole.

These past 5 months since I hit 60 have been refreshing, as my daily reviews have gone down from 150-200 a day, to now just 60-70 a day. I’ve used all that extra time each day to expand my studies elsewhere, and even though I’ve always intended to burn everything, I realized that right now WaniKani is no longer the best use of my time.

I’m feel like I’m not really learning anything useful anymore for my current level of Japanese, so I’ve decided to put WaniKani on hold indefinitely. I would still like to come back and finish burning everything at some point, but that’s now the least of my priorities. I should have realized this sooner, but after being so dedicated to WaniKani for 2 years, it took me awhile to snap out of it.

I think this is a great website, and I hope to comeback someday, and even do it all again (because I definitely need to), but it’s time to move on!


Another one leaving the nest :sob:



Should probably stay on the forums though, between the bookclubs, campfire discussions and sheer number of active users very proficient in speaking Japanese I haven’t found a better community to learn japanese with and that’s one of WaniKani’s hidden strengths. You probably know that already though.


Congrats, friend! It’s certainly the goal to one day graduate from the School of the Enlightenment of the Crabigator.


Come for the kanji, stay for the book clubs.


Hey, I just learned that one! 巣立ち (すだち)

It’s going to be so weird when Wanikani is over :upside_down_face:

Do you feel like you can finally start learning 日本語 and not just 漢字?


Congrats on making it to level 60! We are happy for you no matter what you decide to do next. The important thing is just to continue studying! :blush:


“Press ‘F’ for respect”


Take care. :wave:

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