A Request for Japanese Mystery/Detective Movie Recommendations

Hi, recently I fell in love with a series of classic Japanese films about a detective called Kosuke Kindaichi. I’ve watched all the movies in the series that I could get my hands on: “The Inugami Family”, “The Inugamis” (a modern remake), “Akuma Temari Uta”, “Gokumon-to”. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a few others with English subtitles available.

So I wanted to ask you guys if you can recommend anything like those movies? I’ll settle for TV shows or even anime; as long as it has similar atmosphere, a baffling mystery and has English subtitles – I’ll give it a try.


Ooo I’m interested too! Especially if it’s available on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon prime video.

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Detectives versus detectives is good (for me). It’s been airing on Waku Waku Japan TV from Monday to Friday.

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Do you care more about the mystery aspect or the detective aspect? I’ve watched a whole bunch of mystery anime and could recommend a few, but I haven’t watched many anime with a focus on detectives.

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I recommend Atami no Sousakan - it’s a mystery drama that takes place in a small, quiet japanese town Atami. Nothing happens there until… mysterious disappearance occurs. Then two detectives arrive and the investigation begins.

The series aired in 2010, so it’s not that old. It combines a lot of mystery, some comedy and drama. It’s worth to pay attention to minor details (and know this and that about japanese culture and customs), as there are clues being dropped in supposedly unimportant dialogues and actions.

The dialogue isn’t difficult, so if you’re feeling brave you could watch it with Japanese subs, not with English :wink:


As a fan of murder mysteries I recomnend you my favorites adaptations from Japan cause I like how they re-inteprete the storylines making then so interesting.
The Murder of a Great Actress: The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side. And Then There Were None (Drama Special). Shinhannin 2018. Kuroido Goroshi 2018. Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo Gokumon Juku Satsujin Jiken - 金田一少年の事件簿獄門塾殺人事件 and other Kibdauchi of course. The Locked Room Murders (Kagi no Kakatta Heya). ST MPD Scientific Investigation Squad and ST: the movie. The Snow White Murder Case. Murder on the Orient Express japanese version. 4.50 from Paddington: Night Express Train Murder.

On a related note, there’s also Agatha Christie’s Great Detectives Poirot and Marple, an anime series from… longer ago than I’d thought, which is basically adaptations of the Poirot and Marple stories, as you might be able to guess from the title. They’ve created a new character Mabel, who is Miss Marple’s niece and becomes Poirot’s assistant, as a way of linking the two together, and while her pet duck is a little annoying, it’s still a pretty good series.

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