A quick shoutout to WK Community and 宇多田さん


I’m new here so let’s get よろしくお願いします!out of the way :slight_smile:

Now that’s sorted, I’m sure we all have our own story when it comes to learning Japanese. The first time I tried to tackle this language was when 宇多田ヒカル released her debut single back in 1998. I self-taught the two sets of kana’s and a few basic kanji’s just so I could read the lyrics of “Automatic.” I took a few Japanese classes here and there after that, but nothing really stuck. Been there, done that, knew the lyrics to “Automatic” by heart :dancer:

As life happened, 日本語 got put on the back burner as I went on to explore other interests and engage in other things. Then, two decades later, I browsed through Netflix and came across ‘Utada Hikaru Laughter in the Dark Tour 2018’ (highly recommended even though you’re not a fan!), and all the memories of my trying to learn Japanese back in the days came flooding back. I’m inspired once again to take on the challenge.

And what a time to learn it, too. I’ve learned a few foreign languages in my time, but nothing comes close to Japanese in terms of resources and supportive communities (shoutout to WK :heart:). It’s only been a few weeks of reacquainting myself with the language and I’m having a blast. Might be that it’s still a honeymoon period and all, but hey, one day (one kanji?) at a time, right?

I’d love to hear some of your Japanese learning stories. I’m sure behind every blood, sweat and tears there’s an inspiring story we all could relate to one way or another :relaxed:


Good luck here. It looks as if you have already made it through the first three levels, which a already an accomplishment.


Welcome, welcome! Hope you have a great stay :smiley:! Enjoy the awesome discussions that can be found in this forums, like for example:


Also watch out for stray POLL threads coming your way. You’ve been warned!


Thanks for sharing!

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Yay, level 3!

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