A little grammar question

Hi there,

I was just doing some grammar and was at the topic of my family.

I wrote these sentences and just wanted to know if theyre alright.(i have a twin brother thats why i wasnt so sure because all the examples dont feature twins.


ありがとうございました for your help ^^

双子の兄弟 makes it sound like you have two siblings that are twins, not that you’re one of the twins. So I read this sentence as there being five in your family.


Maybe you could split up the last sentence? Like:


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But wouldnt that carry that he is my older brother? Doesnt 兄 carry that meaning?

Idea with the second sentence sounds very good tho : D

Ah ok, is there a way to say “i have a twin brother” just by itself?

Japanese people basically always say if it’s an older or younger sibling, even if it’s a twin. It’s just baked into the language.

And you can say 双子の兄 or 双子の弟.


Well even if you are twins one would technically still be the older brother if they came out first. Pretty sure only one twin comes out at a time barring something like a Caesarian birth. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea true, just wanted to know if there is a word just for twin brother : D (He actually is the older twinbrother so)

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